10 Of the Worst Diseases of Mankind


Our life is short and it makes it even shorter as we suffer from disease. Millions of people are living a more difficult life because of these diseases. Experts are still working hard to find a cure for every disease.

On this list, we have ten (10) of the worst diseases devastating the lives of millions of people. Of course, we hope that all are now curable.




Elephants are known as large animals. This is why elephantiasis, or the lymphatic filariasis, is the name for the condition of people with dramatic enlargement or swollen arms and legs. The disease is caused by a female mosquito bite from mosquitos that are infected by parasitic worms. The worms may include Wuchereria bancrofti, Brugia malayi, and B. timori. The bite injects worm larvae, called microfilariae, into the blood. Symptoms often appear years after the infection. Arms, legs, genitalia, and breasts are commonly affected by an excessive enlargement.





Progeria is a very rare disease with only about 48 of people in the world affected. It causes abnormal signs of aging in children including premature baldness, heart disease, thinning bones, and arthritis. Children with Progeria usually live for up to 13 years only. They are known as the 80-year-old children because they look old even at a very young age. Progeria is caused by a single tiny defect in a child’s genetic code.


Werewolf Syndrome



The Human Werewolf Syndrome is responsible for dark, hairy patches on the faces of children and adults. Their body will be covered with dark thick hair. The disease makes a person look like a werewolf, minus the sharp teeth and claws.


Blue Skin Disorder



This disease results in changes in skin color. The color of the skin may be blue, plum, indigo or almost purple. In 1960s, a large family in Troublesome Creek, Kentucky was reported as the “blue people.” This unusual condition can be passed on from generation to generation.





Pica is a disorder in which affected people will have an unnatural urge to eat non-food substances. They have the appetite to eat dirt, paper, glue, clay, and more. Some believe that it is caused by lack of minerals in the body, but health experts are yet to find reason for its cause and the possible cure.


Vampire Disease



Of course, they are still humans. They are like us but their skin is sensitive against the sun. They easily feel pain as soon as the sun touches their skin. Because of this, they do their best to hide themselves from the sun. this rare condition is called a vampire disease because its symptoms are similar to the fictional character of vampires.


Alice in Wonderland Syndrome



Micropsia is another name for Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (AIWS). This is a condition in which inanimate objects are smaller than the reality. An example is the pet dog that looks as small as a mouse. Furthermore, objects appear either far away or too close.


Blaschko’s lines



In 1901, German dermatologist Alfred Blaschko presented a very rare condition in human skin. There are various lines on the entire surface of the skin creating stripes. It is believed to be the result of mosaicism and does not correspond to nervous, muscular, or lymphatic systems. A remarkable observation about the stripes shows that it forms a letter V on the spine and S on the chest.


Walking Corpse Syndrome



This disease is not caused by any of the known bacteria or virus. It is mental depression and suicidal tendencies caused by losing everything. The patient’s desire to be dead after the loss makes him believe he’s a walking corpse. He makes statements like smelling his rotten flesh and feeling worms crawling under his skin. Walking Dead Syndrome can also be a result of sleep deprivation or of amphetamine/cocaine psychosis.


Jumping Frenchman disorder



This disorder is characterized by patients who are startled by an unexpected noise or sight. They flail their arms, cry out and even repeat words. First identified patients of this disease are lumberjacks in Maine who are French-Canadian in their origin.

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