Drool-Worthy Ways To Put Yourself To Sleep

There are many nights in your life when you just cannot sleep. You know you have to sleep because of the responsibilities for the next day. However, your body does not cooperate with what you want.

So, what would be the best way to fall asleep? What are your own strategies? We list down some of the common strategies people have. These will give you an idea of what to try when you find it difficult to sleep. Or you can share yours below.

Do in advance what you have on tomorrow’s to-do list



Make use of your time and do in advance some of those on your to-do list for the next day. The purpose is simple; it makes your tomorrow’s loads lighter while you maximize the use of your time. An example you can do is do your laundry. You may not wake up as early as before, but you have fewer things to do.

Switch up your sleeping position



If a position just won’t work, then try a new one. This may include moving yourself to the other side of the bed, flipping pillows to a different position, and more. You may spend restless hours in your usual position, but after a switch, you’ll be out in a few minutes.


Treat yourself to a ritual



Make a ritual for yourself. The ritual may include taking a bath, drinking coffee or tea, reading a book, or whatever may have been effective before. In most cases, whatever had been done before is repeated as a ritual to inform the body to rest.


Write down your thoughts



You may be worried about a lot of things. Your mind is so occupied that you can’t get yourself to sleep. Writing down your thoughts will help you release your worries. It calms down your mind and prepares yourself to rest.


Do something nice for your skin



Because you can’t sleep, it might be a good idea to spend your time doing something nice for your skin. You can do some cleansing and moisturizing especially to your face. It will make you productive and help you to relax.


Keep clean



Keep your room clean and in order. If it isn’t, then do the cleaning while you can’t sleep. Maybe the room environment is bothering you which is why you cannot sleep.


Quit your afternoon nap



Quit your afternoon nap if you can’t easily sleep at night. You can also drink a cup of chamomile tea just before going to bed. When you quit your afternoon nap, there is better chances that you can sleep at night.


Try a new breathing technique



Try to do a new breathing technique. An example is to breathe through your nose for three seconds, hold it in for five, and then breathe out. Any other technique may also do, just try any pattern that suits you.


Make your bed



Make your bed as soon as you wake up in the morning. It does not only make your room presentable, but it also attracts you to back into it in the evening.


Create your dream room



You take charge of the arrangement, furniture, and the colors inside your room. Make it as close to your dream room as possible. It gives you comfort and the sense of belonging.


Make your bed a sacred place



Reserve your bed for sleeping purposes only. Let any other activities be done outside your bed. This will give you the feeling of entering into sleep whenever you’re in your bed.


Get physical before sleep



Try some workout exercises before you go to bed. You will get tired which means you are requiring your body to need some good rest and sleep.


Visualize a work out



Sometimes, cheating yourself will work. If you don’t feel the need to get up and perform your routine exercises, visualization through your imagination can help. You can even imagine yourself jogging on your usual route and imagine those smells. You can do this while closing your eyes or as you please.


Have a word game



Some people simply fall asleep when they are facing words. You can do a word game by yourself. Do it by writing five names starting with each letter of the alphabet. Names of places, animals, or things will do.


Chill with imaginary animals



Some animals may be wild and difficult to find, but they can not escape your imagination. You can try imagining yourself in their habitat. Your purpose may be to play with them or to feed them; it will be all up to your creativity. After cuddling with them, you will find yourself in a deep sleep. And oh, you may also see them in the dreamland.


Unplug yourself from gadgets



If you really want to sleep, stop using your gadgets. The more you use gadgets, the more you expect something new in your friends’ timeline that you will want to see. Unplug yourself and reset yourself.


Clock out



No clock beside you or inside the room. The clock will allow your mind to involuntarily do the math and will usually tell you it is too early to go to bed.


Scent the room



Adding a scent to your room changes the atmosphere in it. It can help to calm down your body and your mood at the moment.





Many people will surely prove this to be effective. Simple light reading will help you put your own self to sleep.


Listen to your playlist



You can actually make use of your playlist to help you fall asleep. Play them at a volume comfortable for your ears. Let these songs sing you a lullaby.


Imagine the music



If you don’t have an available playlist, imagining music may help. To do this, you have to sing a song for yourself using only your imagination.


Take a cold shower



The night may be too warm that you cannot sleep. Try to make things cool by taking a cold shower before going to bed. You may feel sleepy right after you have cooled yourself down.


Tell your body parts to sleep



You may have the greatest desire to fall asleep but your body parts do not cooperate. Try to tell each part to sleep now. This may be weird but it is actually a nice way when you talk to each of your body parts. Just tell them to relax after a tiresome day so they can regain strength for the next day.


Stay consistent



Be consistent with the time you go to sleep. Your body remembers the usual time of your rest so when that time reaches, your body voluntarily rests down.

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