13 Crazy And Wacky Facts You Would Not Have Believed Possible

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1)Wacky Facts 1

We all know how hateful, immoral, dangerous and evil Hitler was especially to the Jews. He might be the last person you want to sit right next to you. But what in an open way did people think to nominate this terrible person to the Nobel Peace Prize! Maybe goodness that time was hanging people on trees, burning them alive.

2)Wacky Facts 2

Fans love Justin, but it seems that there is still a limit to that love. This high school student evidently made use of that limitation to earn some money from Justin’s baby. This technique could also be useful in your school, might want to give it a try?

 3)Wacky Facts 3

All netizens will be praying for this one to happen. Let’s make everyone connected. Let us make the world wifi connected!

 4)Wacky Facts 4

What is it with Lil Wayne? To all SAT takers, you might want to think twice of making Lil Wayne as your choice of music. Your future is still much more important you know.


Wacky Facts 5

Rock music can kill a mouse. It is efficient for people who have a mice problem in their homes. It’s useful, practical and even entertaining if you’re an individual who enjoys heavy metal music. It goes without saying that mice hate metal music that they choose to kill each other to stop their keen from listening.


Wacky Facts 6

Oh, the things we do for love! Now this man just wanted to get to her wife’s nerves every day that went to that extent!


Wacky Facts 7

Never be ashamed of sleeping late at night, now you have a  good reason to excel on everyone. Some people might ask you are you intelligent? Now you can answer with all dignity and pride, the answer yes! Well, you sleep late!


Wacky Facts 8

We can say that the TV killed the woman, right? So if you’re watching too much television, you might want to take it down a notch for some time. Remember this lady if you get too much television a day to control the urge.


Wacky Facts 9

You might want to prepare now before it’s too late. Parasites can surely upgrade themselves maybe not now. But they can surely move to bigger hosts, and that could be humans.


Wacky Facts 10

Be careful, you might get too overwhelmed in playing games that you could hurt a child. Control your temper mister!


Wacky Facts 11

If you think sleeping takes too much of your time, that might be doing something more productive. You can let yourself be shot in the frontal lobe to make yourself sleepless your entire life.


Wacky Facts 12

Well, at least the both of them we’re cheating not just the other one. But it the end, they still ended up together in chatrooms. Destined it is!


Wacky Facts 13


If you have love ones who lost their memories, you might want to prepare all her choice of music to get her memories back.


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