Unlikely Moments in Rio Olympics


The 2016 Rio Olympics was a big success despite some injuries attained by some athletes. This means that we will be waiting for another four (4) years before we can witness an event of that density.

Because four years is a long time to wait, we can always look over the things that happened during the 2016 Olympics in Rio. And what best way to reminisce about the Olympics than to come up with a list of the most unlikely things that happened?


Swimming: Men’s 100m freestyle for 1:04.95


Speaking of men’s 100m freestyle swimming event, how long do you think an Olympian can finish the race? The world was in awe when Ethiopian swimmer Robel Kiros Habte finished the race in 1:04.95 or 64.95 seconds, 15 seconds after his competition had finished. Habte finished the Olympics at rank 59 out of 59 athletes in the event, after which, people started Tweeting mean things about him, calling him names like “Habte the Whale” and shaming him for his “dad bod.”

A fencer dropped his phone


In was an unlikely moment when French fencer, Enzo Lefort’s phone fell out of his pocket in the middle of the tournament. The phone popped out while he was competing against Germany’s Peter Joppich. To make things worse, Lefort failed to win the game.

Butt what?


Call it intentional or just perfect photographic timing. When these two German hockey players’ last names were placed side-by-side and photographed, it became the topic of conversation on social media. Not sure if Linus Butt and Florian Fuchs are aware what their last names mean when put together but if they did, we imagine they’d shrug and laugh it off.

Nasty tumble


Being an Olympian requires so much training especially when your event is the hurdles. Thus, when Haiti’s Jeffrey Julmis fell on the ground after his jump on the first hurdle of the semi-final race, the world was shocked. Julmis eventually received cheers from the audience. He stood up and finished the race.

An honest description


BBC’s in-charge for the subtitle was too honest to describe this scenario during the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics. BBC viewers noticed the text “I’m not sure what’s going on anymore” on their TV screen. Meanwhile, many athletes even said that at the particular moment, they were also not aware of what has been going around. Thus, it was a perfect description of the moment.

Another honest description


The recent Rio Olympics was participated by 207 countries including first-timers Kosovo, South Sudan, and the Refugees Olympic Team. Thus, the BBC translator made an honest description saying that “there are too many countries.”

The Olympic swimming lifeguard


This must be the most boring job of any Olympic committee member. Though we cannot easily dismiss the possibilities of an accident during the event, but it is not likely to happen. Pictured here is an Olympic swimming lifeguard watching over USA’s Michael Phelps, who is like a fish in the body of a man. Chances of him drowning during the Olympics: Zero.

CAN Richard Funk (?)


Canadian Olympic swimmer Richard Funk is pictured and the world immediately reacted. The combination of Richard’s country initals and his name creates a question which only Richard can answer. Yes, we know Richard can swim. But can he FUNK?

Naked Olympic divers?


The presentation of these athletes names and scores is perfectly positioned to create an illusion that the divers are naked. This could be intentional or not, but people on social media celebrated the pictures and the illusion it created.

The kind of people enjoying the game


The American equestrian athlete Rich Fellers has no idea that the internet is amused by his name and his Olympic event. One website describes Rich Feller’s name as “the kind of people enjoying equestrian. And let’s be honest — poor people don’t usually have a horse to order around as a sport. Only rich fellas can do that.

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