23 Unique Benches from Around the World

Rather we go to the market, park or mall we always find a bench to sit on. Let’s face it; a bench helps rescue our struggling feet after a long walk. A bench provides comfort and allows us to regain our strength.

But some benches even serve more than their primary purpose. Some are uniquely and artistically designed to entertain our eyes while helping us recover from being tired. Here are 23 of these unique and artistic benches. Which one would you like to have near you?

Off-Ground, Copenhagen, Denmark


Lifebuzz.com cargo collective

In the beautiful city of Copenhagen, a unique place was set up to help people relax. The Danish Architecture Center installed these off-ground benches/swings designed by Amsterdam-based designers Jair Straschnow and Gitte Nygaard. The benches also feature an easy shift between a high and low seat.


Rotating Bench, Seoul, South Korea


Lifebuzz.com yanko

In Seoul, South Korea, you have nothing to worry when you want to sit on a bench even after it rains. These rotating benches in the Sung Woo Park in Seoul always have a dry seat for you to sit on. If it happens to be wet, just rotate the handle at the side end of the bench. This simple step will move the wet part so the dry area will be available for you to sit on.

Creative benches, New York


Lifebuzz.com Interboro Partners

The Interboro Partners have a creative way of showcasing unique benches. These Operable fences in LentSpace, Lower Manhattan, serve as benches for everybody. Anybody can spin the benches to or away from the adjacent bench. As a result, it allows privacy for bench-sitters.

Creative Rocking Hair by Neulhae Cho


Lifebuzz.com Neulhae Cho

Neulhae Cho, a designer from Seoul, South Korea, together with Jaebeom Jeong, created a creative rocking chair. This chair works like a seesaw but allows the people to have shorter distance. It’s a playful bench for everybody.


Book Bench, London



Do you love books? Well, these benches aren’t just for bookworms, but actually for everybody. These book benches are now scattered around London.


Soft Bench, France



The name of the bench speaks for itself, but it doesn’t break. These benches are designed by Lucile Soufflet. The soft bench is good for taking a nap.


Bench in Luxembourg


Lifebuzz.com e-architect.co.uk Alleswirdgut Architektur

Meanwhile in Luxembourg, there is a cool way to hangout with friends either in small or large groups. These kinds of benches are designed by Alleswirdgut Architektur.


Creative Park Bench, Massachusetts


Lifebuzz.com Sheila Kennedy

The bench is great for comfort or naps. Designed by Sheila Kennedy, these benches even light up from the inside at night.


Bus Stop Bench


Lifebuzz.com escapekit

There is no way these benches will be mistaken for any other purpose. This bus stop bench speaks for itself.


El Poeta Bench, Barcelona


Lifebuzz.com Alfredo Haberli

Poeta Bench in Barcelona is perfect to come sit down for work or to enjoy a meal.


Typewriter Bench



This bench can accommodate a large group. It can even be used to send a clever message using the letters represented on each seat.


Park in Vocklabruck, Austria


Lifebuzz.com Roland Barthofer

Can you sit in the middle of a lake? Is it possible to without getting wet? Well, the people of Austria can and it’s because of this unique bench at the middle of a lake in a park in Vocklabruck, Austria.


Garabatos, Series of Benches by Pablo Reinoso


Lifebuzz.com Pablo Reinoso

Argentine-French designer Pablo Reinoso makes another statement in his unique design of amazing benches. This design features a standard bench in the middle and a series of spirals on each end. The resulting bench will allow anybody to sit at any position they desire.


Tulip Seats


Lifebuzz.com Tulpi Design

If you can lay on a bed of roses, then you can seat on the petal of a tulip. This is made possible by the Tulpi Design by designer Marco Manders of Netherlands. The tulip seat is made in the form of a tulip. The petal opens up to allow anybody to sit and closes back to its form when there’s nobody to serve.


Glassconcrete Bench that lights up at night


Lifebuzz.com ivankaconcrete

It looks like any ordinary benches we see around. But the surprise comes at night when this so-called glassconcrete bench lights up. Designed by Zoltan Bencze and Szovetseg’39, this unique bench can be found in Pecs, Hungary.


Creepy Hands Bench



In Kiev, Ukraine, a bench is available for a passersby to rest. However, what holds your seat is a pair of hands that appear to grow out of the ground. Will you dare sit between the hands?


Robot Bench



Enschede, Netherlands offers a unique experience to its locals and tourists. The place allows you to sit on a robot. Yes, it’s a robot bench which resembles a robot lying on the ground.


Lungo Mare Bench


Lifebuzz.com escofet

It is always wonderful to spend some time with friends while enjoying the heat of the sun. What makes it even greater is when you are comfortable in your different positions, either sitting down or lying down. If that’s the case then the Lungo Mare Bench is the best pick for you.


Benches with big hats


Lifebuzz.com Victor Vieillard

There’s no need to worry when you need to sit on a bench under the heat of the sun; at least, if you’re from Marseille, France. Big hats are parts of the design to provide protection to bench-sitters.


Big pebbles bench


Lifebuzz.com Joe Fletcher

If you love collecting pebbles, then you’ll probably love sitting on a big pebble bench. These pebble benches are available at 888 Brannan Office Building in San Francisco, California.


Custom Curve Seats


Lifebuzz.com Taylor Cullity Lethlean

The University of Sydney in Australia found a unique way of bringing pool-side benches to dry land. These custom curve seats lack some backings which usually makes you think twice before sitting. Just trust the makers and hope the foundation is really strong.


Bench out of pencils


Lifebuzz.com Sveta BSveta

Kiev, Ukraine makes another attraction. The place allows you to sit on a bench made up of giant colored pencils. This adorable bench is truly artistic.


Paprocany Lake Shore Redevelopment


Lifebuzz.com Tomasz Zakrzewski

Residents of Tychy, Poland have the chance to enjoy and spend quality time at the Paprocany Lake Shore Redevelopment. This place has long benches with large umbrella and series of nets to relax. The venue is like hitting two birds with one stone.

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