A Tourist Gave Birth At The Red Sea

Imagine giving birth at the Red Sea! Crazy, right?

The various methods of out-of-hospital births are becoming an increasingly popular option for mothers-to-be, who opt out of the often rushed and hectic atmosphere of operating rooms, and it looks like this new mom wanted to welcome her little one with a bang.

Onlookers captured the special moments a pregnant woman garbed in a bikini, walked into the Red Sea with her husband and a doctor specializing in water births, and they walked out with a healthy-looking newborn.

According to the New York Post, the new mom, who is believed to be Russian, as well as her husband, were staying at the resort town of Dahab, which lies 50 miles northeast of the popular resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, in Egypt.

Their water birth has since gone viral on social media, with some praising the ‘beauty’ and ‘easiness’ of their water birth.

There are photos too of the young mother still quite bloodied, walking out of the waves, as the doctor holds the newborn, still with the umbilical cord attached, and the husband holding the placenta in a bright yellow bucket.

The Red Sea is a narrow sea between the African and Arabian peninsula , and in the Bible, is the same sea that parted to allow Moses and the persecuted Israelites to flee from the pursuing Egyptian army.

The term ‘red’ was used to describe the waterway as there is a presence of red algae. The Red Sea is also home to thousands of species of fish and more than a hundred species of corals. It is also a major shipping route, connecting to the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal.


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