6 Ways to Make a Tiny Space look Spacious

Tiny houses and apartments are the current trend not because they are absolutely cute but to save more space for everybody. Despite the minimum space available, creative minds are still capable of maximizing them without compromising the comfort of the owner.

Let us look at the chic residence in Stockholm featuring a 400 square ft residential apartment. Let’s consider how it is made more spacious in reality and in sense. The limited space does not stop it from looking as cool as larger apartments. Although it was built as a studio, it was cleverly fashioned to suit the needs of every high standard bachelor.

Redefine small space with modern touches


Lifebuzz.com / Husman Hagberg

Some modern touches will make your tiny apartment looks more spacious than it is. Add some modern furniture and appliances whose color look similar to your painted space.

Soft greys and silvers for a cool look


Lifebuzz.com / Husman Hagberg

Paint your place in grey and silver. Choose furniture with the same color to blend with your space. Keep the lighting good.

Make it clutter free


Lifebuzz.com / Husman Hagberg

It is best to have just one or few wardrobes with suitable compartments to keep your belongings. It will keep your place clutter free and will save precious space.

Clean black lines for a simple and luxurious feel


Lifebuzz.com / Husman Hagberg

Clean black lines are good for your white space. Decorate your living room with frame arts that standout.

Bright green plants indoor


Lifebuzz.com / Husman Hagberg

Break the monochromatic palette inside with bright green indoor plants. But make sure not to overcrowd the space. Choose those with bases that are similar to the grey and silver color of your place. Let the green color provide a refreshing feel.

Imagine your little place as a piece of heaven


Lifebuzz.com / Husman Hagberg

Nothing makes your place more adorable than having you personally feel its beauty. Consider it a little piece of heaven where you come to rest after a busy day.

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