Here Are Sweet Photos Of Pups Because You Deserve It

Whether or not you own pups, we can all agree that at least staring at an adorable ball of fluff is enough to set us at ease.
Here are some absolutely adorable and sweet pups to put you in a good mood for Monday:
We’re all for some big-eared siblings showing love:

And how this handsome boi is working the camera:

Does this angle make my head look big? #bighead #bigheart

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Just a fluffy pom and his Yoda doll:

Have you imagined mashed potato growing legs and bouncing about?

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This exceptionally good boy shouldn’t be exposed to such screaming and jubilation at his win for the team, but the belly rubs and pats should be endless:

Eatin’ Dubs like they’re treats.

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You must have your sound on for this talented one, they’ve practiced all day:

Sound on 😍 By @aussiesdoingthings ❤️

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And for this little one too; who is showing amazing vocal prowess:

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This little fella is super excited for the next meal time, even while in dream land:

Dreaming of milk and honey ❤️🍼 By @jennbell

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This one appreciates the nuzzles, but please can they get back to their nap?

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The fluff is unreal on this one, who is practicing his tricks:

You can power through the week guys!

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