Here’s How You Can Rock Your Style This Spring 2018

Spring 2018 is coming! Err… Sort of. We’re probably getting way ahead of ourselves here since in some states it’s still brutally cold, but hey, we can dream of sunnier days, greener foliage, and the outfits we’d wear for those days, right?

We combed over the Internet to find looks that women of every age, shape and size can rock on a fresh spring day.

Florals? Groundbreaking.

But of course it is! Whether it’s dark or light, big prints or daintier ones, opting for a floral number just feels like you’re letting springtime into your wardrobe too.
And peep the necklines and arms: you can easily go from demure and dainty, to confidently showing off a little bit of skin with your choice of neckline and whether to go for sleeveless, half-sleeve, full sleeve, or even cami-style floral dresses.


Can never be too prepared right? While spring means no more snow, doesn’t mean it won’t bring in hella rain. A jacket thrown on a dress screams “cool, but not too cool that I don’t care about intermittent precipitation.” From parkas, to denim, to rayon, sweats, even to full-on raincoat material, when it comes to jackets, the world is your oyster.

Bold footwear

I mean, rarely is there a woman (or man) for that matter who will say they do not care about shoes. We all do, heck, we even have shoes we bust out for that one special event in our lives. So won’t getting out of a winter funk be even more fun with a great pair of shoes you can pair with your menagerie of spring dresses?

Stand out from the crowd in the red-hot Tangerine #jambuandco #jambufootwear

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Nothing but the hits 🥂

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We hope for better weather in the coming season, because we’re so over the cold. If the first step to beating the funk is through our clothes, then let springtime come thruuu.

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