Skin Diving: A New Sport To Literally Take Your Breath Away

As most of the world welcomes spring, it’s a good time to try and shake off the stiffness of winter, and yes, it includes our bodies.

If the gym isn’t just cutting it out for you anymore, you might want to take up free diving.

Free diving, or skin diving, sounds like what it is: diving on one breath, without the use of breathing apparatuses such as in scuba diving.

We know; it sounds like the kind of sport you’d have to get into at a very young age. But it isn’t always the case!

Head on to your local pool to be able to practice the breathing exercises first, before you try it out in much challenging places like the sea or in an open body of water.

Look up qualified instructors in your area (yes, there is certification need to be able to teach; as certified free divers must also pass rigorous safety training) and pretty soon, you’ll be the mermaid you never thought you could be.

From personal experience, one of the first challenges you’ll encounter upon first learning how to free dive is the dive itself, as some people find it difficult to ‘push’ themselves deeper under water. But once you practice this and learn to control holding in your breath, the next is learning how to equalize.

You know that feeling when you try to go deeper underwater and your ears kind of hurt? That’s the body’s response to the pressure of water pushing against it from all sides. Our instructor very kindly taught us the different ways to (gently!!) release this pressure from our ears, either by gently blowing through your nose as you are pinching it, or through swallowing in saliva while diving.

With the various techniques available, you’re sure to find one that suits you best.

More than a sport, it’s also a life skill to be able to swim proficiently. Also, being able to free dive in oceans lets you see the reality of our environment: the immense pollution it is facing, the danger it puts the animals and subsequently us in; but with your new skill, you can be part of the community that regularly goes to sea to hold clean up drives.

A new skill and a newfound appreciation for nature conservation and environmental concern? A triple yes!

Think of the possibilities we can achieve (and the amazing footage!) when we learn how to free dive:

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