‘Singing Dog’ Was On America’s Got Talent And It Was Freaking Cute

A ‘singing’ dog was on America’s Got Talent!

And it’s not just a sustained ‘Awoooo’ either, although that’s always pretty freakin’ cute.

On Tuesday, a contestant identified only as 59-year old Pam walked onto the X-marked stage with her three-year old Golden Retriever Oscar, and blew everyone away with his unlikely talent for singing.

“He can sing. He can hold a note. He can even do a vibrato,” said Pam as judges began their initial interview before the performance.

Pam told tough judge Simon Cowell that Oscar definitely could sing, in response to Cowell’s comments in the past that it would ‘be everything’ to him if someone brought on a singing dog to the talent competition.

“I don’t want to expect too much, but I’m not kidding. I’ve done this show a long time and I always said if we could find a dog that could sing, that would be everything to me,” Cowell has said.
The adorable golden haired pooch sang along to a piano piece (with Pam playing) titled Pachelbel’s “Canon in D Major.”

Pam said that Oscar started singing about a year and a half ago as she was playing the piano at home.

“I worked with him [since then], and now he really sings!” said Pam.

As Oscar ‘sang’ onstage, host Tyra Banks marveled from backstage, “He’s on key!” while ‘Ooohs’ and ‘Awwws’ erupted from the audience.

The dog even turned to look over his shoulder to the judges as if saying, ‘Listen to me hit this note!’

The squee-inducing performance got a standing ovation from everyone in the theater hall, heck, including even Cowell, but in true form, he didn’t go completely soft.

“I think your piano playing isn’t great, by the way,” he said to Pam. “I think it could use a little practice, but we may have found our first singing dog. Genuinely. This is exciting.”

Watch the whole performance here:

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