Have You Seen This Adorable Dog Speaking His Mind On Twitter?

Have you seen an adorable dog speak it’s mind? Okay, maybe it’s not as literal as it sounds, but it’s adorable to think about it.

I mean, think about a dog, any dog, and whatever the Thoughts of Dog account (@dog_feelings) comes up with, you can probably imagine that dog you were thinking about saying it or committing the same shenanigans the tweet describes.

It’s actually pretty therapeutic just having a chuckle at the randomness of it all, especially since no matter which dog I imagine says it (from the gargantuan yet ultra fluffy Tibetan Mastiff to the shakiest, wide-eyed little Chihuahua) it always fits! Try it out in different voices too, if you have an afternoon completely to yourself.

The account is run by the same hoomans behind the equally hilarious and adorable We Rate Dogs, so no matter which one you decide to check out, for sure you’re in for a feel-good time.

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