Scientists Are Apparently Just Like Me And You

Scientists are like you and me. Well, maybe not exactly. Like, they would probably care to learn more about every creepy-crawly or massive sea creature they spot, instead of recoiling away in alarm. But when it comes to being wowed by nature’s awesomeness, weirdness, and cuteness, scientists are just like you and me.

The Dodo posted footage captured in 2016 by the deep-sea exploring team of the Ocean Exploration Trust’s Nautilus camera, and boy did it capture the magnificent and wacky world of the deep sea.

What’s fascinating too is the sheer joy expressed by the scientists in the background; and to be honest, we’d be ooh-ing and aah-ing too at the sight of a gargantuan sperm whale showing off for our camera!

If you’re like us, you probably fixated a lot too on the yellow blob that was adorably shying away from the camera. Apparently, it’s called a dumbo octopus (in regular people speak at least,) and it’s probably best that the little guy prefers to live thousands of feet under the sea or else people would be fishing him up as a pet if he lived any shallower.


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But doesn’t the octopus squid remind you of Pearl ‘Aaaw, you guys made me ink!’ on Finding Nemo?

Right? Makes us giggle every time!
But of course, the plethora of creatures that their camera captured are just the tip of the figurative ice berg when it comes to uncovering the many mysteries of the sea; and like scientists, we’re on the edge of our seats for it.

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