10 of the Scariest Places to spend Halloween


It is now October. So, planning for any getaways for your Halloween celebration should be done by now. For this reason, we have chosen ten of the best places for you to spend your Halloween. Check them out and book your flights now.

Salem, Massachusetts, USA



October is the best month to visit Salem, Massachusetts. Guided tours are available which will give you the chance to experience the haunted and infamous spots, trial and hanging re-enactments, fireworks, parades, and a witch’s circle. Salem is also the place of the Witch House Museum. On Halloween night, activities in the area include magic shows, witches balls, séances, fireworks, and more.


Transylvania, Romania



The Bran Castle should never be left off of the list of places to visit when in Romania. This is because the castle was once the residence of Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for Dracula. It is believed that Vlad impaled tens of thousands of bodies on stakes and left their bodies to rot. The visit may be done through a guided tour, a specialty Halloween tour, or by staying in the nearby accommodations. The castle is also open to the public on Halloween night, but will you dare to go? If you are brave enough to go, then don’t forget your costume when you visit.





The Central American country does not call it Halloween, but something creepier called Day of the Dead. Mexico dedicates three days for the celebration which starts every October 31st. The island of Janitzio performs various rituals, including night singing and chanting in the cemetery. In Oaxaca, skulls, skeletons and flowers are used to decorate the town.





Ireland boasts as the country where Halloween started. Today, the country remains a top destination for Halloween celebrations. Derry City is the most visited place in the country because of the Banks of the Floyle Halloween which has a nine-day duration of various activities. The unforgettable experience includes parades, fireworks, ghost tours, haunted houses, scary movies and more.


Sleepy Hollow, New York, USA



Take your steps at the very place in Washington Irving’s legend of the Headless Horseman. Lyndhurst Castle offers a friendly tour which will guide you to meet the spirits of the Mummy, Frankenstein’s Monster and the Phantom of the Opera. Sleepy Hollow also presents haunted hayrides, live music, street fairs, parades and lantern tours. And once you’re there, do not forget to visit the Old Dutch Burying Ground and the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.


Long Beach, California, USA



Cruiseliner Queen Mary is docked off Long Beach in California. It is considered to be one of the scariest places in the world. Its month-long celebration starts on the first day of every October. Be scared of its nightly activities as they present six mazes haunted by more than 200 spirits and ghosts. Aside from that, there are also real ghosts and actual spirits haunting the ship. Note that this special visit is not for young children.


New York City, New York, USA



The Village Halloween Parade of New York City is now attracting thousands of people from around the world. The parade started in 1974 and now shuts down the lower Manhattan area. Visitors need to be early and grab a spot on 6th avenue to make sure they have a space to watch. If you’re not satisfied with the parade, you can visit the after-dark Crypt Crawl under the Cathedral of St. John the Divine for more scary features you wish to experience.


Hollywood, California, USA



Theme parks in Hollywood, California transform every night into a creepy wonderland of horrors. There are interactive mazes, shows, rides, and scare zones all around. On the night of Halloween, the streets of Santa Monica Blvd are mostly covered by as many as 500,000 people joining the Halloween Carnaval. The activity is free and many of the bars and other business establishments around participate to give visitors a once in a lifetime experience.


London, England



Dungeon is the place in London that you should never skip during Halloween. The popularity of Dungeon started back in the year 1976. It has interactive experiences prepared for visitors wherein they have a face to face encounter with the notorious villains including Jack the Ripper and Sweeny Todd. For a less intense experience, the ghost walks will do.


New Orleans, Louisiana, USA



The best-haunted city in the United States is now inviting you to visit. Frenchmen Street is the location of the biggest Halloween street parties in the city. The city has the reputation of exercising many voodoo practices to add to its creepy Halloween image.

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