Rules for Carrying Your Life Out Of A Handbag

We’re getting ahead of ourselves this Christmas and jumping on straight to the impending New Year 2018, and the exciting styles and trends that are sure to crop up. Enter the tiny handbag.

A lusted-after item in the 90s and early 2000s, the tiny handbag was adorable but impractical, served an aesthetic but couldn’t even fit your wallet. What’s a lady to do?

Downsize, duh.

Luckily, in the age we live in now, there’s probably a mini version of anything, from your favorite mascara to your hand sanitizer, so if you want to revisit your collection of tiny handbags, it’s now or never.

The winter time is also the best time to explore the tiny purse again, because hello— pockets upon— pockets, so the issue of where to stuff your phone is solved.


Take the advice of Into The Gloss writer Morgan Von Steen whose life fits in her small (expensive!) handbag:


  • It’s not about things that spark joy, it’s about the things that are absolutely vital to the function of your life.


So consider: do you absolutely need to lug around that 2 pound charm-riddled keychain you got from Disneyland that one time? Can it stay at home and wait for you there for it’s time to make you happy? Absolutely.


  • Get a card holder. Mine’s an $80 Louis Vuitton I found on eBay.


Your line of work might call for you to receive business cards on the regular, or you’re an absolute mess when it comes to the cards you need for everyday: credit, subway or bus pass, or or those discount coupons from that coffee shop across the street. Corral it into one stylish package, remain sane.


  • Reduce your keys to only the keys you use to get in the door. You shouldn’t check your mail when you’re drunk anyway.


That, and the keys you use to get around if you have a car. Practical, and saves you time fumbling around when it’s 0 degrees out and you just wanna get into your warm apartment stat.


  • You only need a lip balm if you’re dehydrated. Drink water instead.

We’re a bit torn on this rule because we’re huuuge lipstick fiends and like to keep options ready, but on a busy day out, swipe on the color before you step out your door, or look for tinted lipbalm options so you don’t go through the day looking like a pale zombie.


  • If you need medication, that’s acceptable, but otherwise, you already have everything you need.


A few antihistamines maybe if you’re on the allergic side, or a lozenge for scratchy throat days.


“That’s it. No exceptions.” – Megan Von Steen, ITG


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