10 People who Lost their Jobs for Posing Sexy

10 People who Lost their Jobs for Posing SexyWhile it is an asset to be sexy, it is still improper to publicly flaunt it especially with your uniform still on or you have a very sensitive working environment. These 10 people never expected to get fired because of their social media post or side jobs in which they appear very sexy. This shall serve as a lesson to everyone who loves to expose themselves on their social media accounts.

Clare Deloughrey, firefighter



A 26-year old single mom was stripped of her job as a volunteer firefighter after she posed for a sexy photoshoot for a photographer friend. Her photos showing her in uniform and slowly getting topless were posted on an online website where her fellow firefighter happened to see. The Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service launched an investigation and fired the young Clare Deloughrey for featuring their logo in some photos.

Olivia Sprauer, English teacher



An English teacher at Martin County High School in West Palm Beach, Florida got fired because of her modeling gigs. Olivia Sprauer used her off hours as a lingerie model. She even posed provocatively in skimpy g-strings and bikini tops. Her school principal asked her to affirm about the issues before she was immediately fired. Her family, friends and students rallied support for the young teacher.

Tracy Chandler, female mascot



The only female mascot of Britain got fired by its employer, the Doncaster Rovers. Tracy Chandler posted a picture of her in lingerie alongside the head of the team’s mascot. Chandler got fired for a racy photo but eventually got her job back after she filed for a complaint.

Karina Sarkissova, ballerina



The Vienna State Opera fired Karina Sarkissova after she posed nude in two pornographic men’s magazines. The ballerina made stints in American Penthouse and Austrian magazine Weiner. The employer had reprimanded Sarkissova at the first instance but the ballerina still posed for the second magazine just a few weeks later.

Matthew Maleski, occupational therapist and teacher



An Occupational Therapist and Special Education teacher just lost his $56,048 a year position due to his Facebook profile picture and YouTube videos. Matthew Maleski got fired after the discovery of his suggestive Facebook photos, dancing in skivvies video on YouTube, and Craigslist sexual chat messages while attaching his photo with only his boxer shorts. Maleski issued his very contrite apology to his co-workers and his students.

Penny Dane, police sergeant



Daytona Beach Police Department discovered about 247 pornographic photos of Penny Dane to which she immediately resigned from the job. Most of these photos show her wearing her police uniform. The photos were also uploaded to virtual sex sites. Dane also engaged herself in virtual sex while at work with her uniform and badge on.

Tiffany Webb, guidance counselor



After 17 years, Tiffany’s former pictures brought horror to her teaching job at Murry Bergtraum High School for Business Careers. The former lingerie model who is now a guidance counselor was dismissed from her job after a student brought one of her pictures to school, of Webb, when she was still about 20-years old. Webb filed a lawsuit against the Department of Education in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Subway male employees



Two male employees of a Subway chain were dismissed from their jobs after posting their disgusting hobbies at work. One employee placed his genitals on a loaf of bread while the other posted a photo with a caption saying “Today at work I froze my pee.”

Sarah Hunter, restaurant hostess and bartender



A nude website model got fired twice from her job outside the modeling world. Sarah Hunter, former restaurant hostess and bartender, was fired due to her nude modeling job. She appeared on different websites and publications as a fetish model.

Geraldo Rivera, Fox News anchor



Geraldo Rivera’s Twitter post, a picture of himself with just a small white towel to cover his private parts, was the main reason for his being fired as a news anchor. The almost naked photo of Rivera went viral on the web after he shared it to his 50,000 Twitter followers.

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