11 People Who Are Having A Much Worse Day Than you

So when you think you are having a bad day, think again! Your frustration may not be as much as they do. Check out this list of people who, undoubtedly, have a much worse day than you do. By the way, which do you think tops the list?

1) A Dog Pee on the Face


You are free to take a nap wherever you wish, but be very cautious. A man’s best friend may just come uninvited to shower you, on the face, with some of his pee.  The pee will incredibly ruin a great sunny day. A worse day indeed!


 2) Did you See my Plate and Spoon?


These white marks are great reminders, be very careful with anything hot. The worse scenario is, it went into between the legs. It could be hotter down there by now.

3) A Winter Burn


One winter day when the road is full of snow, then this car suddenly broke down in flame! It’s like “I thought it should be freezing in there!” The driver must have thrown some ice on the car to cool it down.

4) Swing All You Can


It is every child’s past time at the park to be swinging as high as they want. Yes, it is every child’s not of adult’s. But let us give her an exemption because she terribly loves to swing. Swing all you can baby but keep on holding, or else.

5) Perfect Landing


A boxer has the goal either to keep landing punches or to keep avoiding them. How sad it is for this man, a perfect landing just hit him. And to make it worse, an excellent capture took place. It is a worse day to loss.

6) A Worse Day in Paradise!


Imagine a dinosaur-like Hippo is running after you, how fast can you go? Save for your life, man! You just panic the largest and angriest animal of Africa.

7) Water is Life


Water is life but so much water, like any other thing, can kill you. Move out and save your life. But next time, avoid the riverside!

8) Ink Her Some “Strenght”


She got inked poorly. The tattoo is real, but the misspelled strength isn’t helping her. Well, it is never a strength, after all, it’s strenght!

9) Pump It Hard


It’s a physical sport at its worst. She’s playing some “dirty” tricks down there to gain some advantage. But, the camera can’t be fooled!

10) A Wedding Nightmare


Everyone expects a marriage day to be one of the happiest. But this one seems to be just so wrong. Imagine yourself riding on a metro train, alone, after the wedding day? Of course, this isn’t the way you wish to spend your honeymoon.

11) Turn! Turn!


The sun is up, and the weather is beautiful. But something is not going to be okay. This man found himself set for a head-on with a car! It’s a bright day gone wrong if he fails to “turn! Turn! Turn!”

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