Parenting Hacks: 31 creative ways to help you perform your parenting tasks


Parenting is a hard task for every parent. This is definitely true for the young and first-time parents. However, there are parental hacks which can lighten the burden of responsibilities. These hacks are products of creative and resourceful innovations to help parents.

Let your child-raising experience be as enjoyable as it can be. Use these hacks to help you save some time. What are your other means of parenting? You can share them below.

1 Stick a command hook on the back of a high chair to hang bibs

parenting-hacks-1 /

No more missing bibs again. For without any reason, bibs are usually misplaced so they remain missing when needed. With the use of the hook, all bibs will be kept together so no more searching.


2 Use the envelope folds on a onesie


Your baby’s onesie has two envelope folds on both shoulders. The purpose of these is to help parents easily pull down the onesie instead of pulling it off over the head.


3 Stick a cupcake liner on a popsicle

parenting-hacks-3 / bargainmaxuk /

You don’t want a mess that you have to blame on your child eating a Popsicle. The best way to avoid dripping everywhere is to stick a cupcake liner on the Popsicle. The cupcake shall gathers those drippings preventing them from dripping everywhere.

4 Put a marshmallow at the bottom of an ice cream cone

parenting-hacks-4 /

Speaking of dripping everywhere, a marshmallow is a big help for ice cream cones. The bottom of the cone is likely where the melted ice cream drips out, so it is where a marshmallow should be placed.


5 Cut a sticker in half and put each piece in each shoe

parenting-hacks-5 /

Cut a stick in half and stick each piece in each of the pair. Each piece of the sticker will serve as a guide. Your child will no longer have difficulties choosing which shoe is for which foot.


6 Move your candy to other packages

parenting-hacks-6 / pishposhbabydotcom /

Candy is very attractive to kids regardless of their age. Stash the food bag of something nutritious and add the candy inside. This will of course divert your kids’ attention so they won’t indulge on candy.


7 Put their onesie on backwards if they take off their diapers

parenting-hacks-7 /

Without reason, some kids love taking off their diapers. In order to avoid this, put their onesie on backwards. This way your kids won’t be able to unzip the onesie and take off the diaper.


8 Keep little socks together

parenting-hacks-8 / MomHacks4Everyday /

Searching for little socks is time consuming. Wash these socks together in a laundry bag to avoid losing them or their respective pair.

9 Write a chart to keep kids’ dosage

parenting-hacks-9 / alanacvalentine /

It is important that you don’t forget your kids’ dosage because it affects their health. You can monitor the dosage you’ve given them with a chart. Draw the chart on the side of the bottle so it will be easier for you to check.


10 Raise triangle sides on a juice box


The juice box has a triangle side at each of the two ends. Raise these triangles for easy and friendly lift of the box.


11 Make some monster spray


Flickr: plasticcandy / sphor /

Most kids are afraid to be in their room because of monsters. Either they got the idea from a movie or from you who instilled in them the fear of monsters. Make a monster spray and spray their room. You can use a lavender scent spray and label the bottle monster spray. This will help your kids feel at ease.


12 Cut pancakes into toddler-bite size

parenting-hacks-12 /

Avoid throwing pancakes away because your kids can’t finish them or they just play with it. Cut the pancakes into smaller sizes they can easily eat using a pizza cutter to save time.


13 Freeze yogurt and make ice pops

parenting-hacks-13 /

Freeze yogurt with a popsicle stick in it. When the yogurt solidifies, your kids can now enjoy it as ice pops. It’s the same nutrition in a new level for your kids’ enjoyment.


14 Check diaper’s color line to check wetness

parenting-hacks-14 /

There is no need to take off that diaper and check inside if it is wet. Today, just look at the color line on the diaper. Some call it the wetness indicator which tells you if it is time to change the diaper.

15 Cut baby’s nails while at sleep


Flickr: georgeatanassov /

There should be no more stress when cutting your baby’s nails. Wait until your toddler is asleep to avoid extra movement which may stress you out.

16 Cover the restroom flush sensor


The sudden sound made by the restroom flush because of its sensor is not child friendly. Cover the sensor with either toilet paper or a post-it note. This will prevent the sensor from suddenly flushing which can be scary for your kids.

17 Pack an extra shirt for you


We never know when your baby will spit. He may do it on you in public. For sure you don’t want to wear that same shirt for the rest of the day. An extra shirt shall save your day.

18 Put a frozen sponge in your kid’s lunch


Don’t forget to put the frozen sponge in a ziplock bag before putting it inside your kid’s lunch box. The purpose is to keep the lunch cold. The frozen sponge does magic.

19 Use two plates and a knife to cut grapes


You can actually cut many grapes in half in very few seconds. Put the grapes between the two plates. Cut the grapes all together using a knife.

20 Put a “you shall not pass” sign

parenting-hacks-20 /

You can’t say stop to your kids when they are using tissue in the bathroom. Most of them don’t care the length they get. You can put a sign that says “you shall not pass” below the tissue dispenser to limit your kids from using too much tissue.

21 Put catsup under your kid’s hotdog


Workman Publishing /

Avoid the mess with that catsup by putting it below the hotdog. This will contain the catsup itself within the bun and the hotdog.

22 Cover top of a cup with plastic wrap

parenting-hacks-22 /

Say no to spills when your kid drinks his juice using a cup. Cover the top of the cup with plastic wrap and insert a straw.

23 Pick up glitter with lint roller

parenting-hacks-23 /

Kids love to play with glitter. When glitter is everywhere on the floor, you can use a lint roller to pick up the glitter. Simply roll the roller over the glitter and it will absorb the mess.

24 Put toddler in a laundry basket when taking a bath


Your toddler loves to play with his toys while taking a bath. Some toys may float out of his reach, and he hates it. As a clever parent, put your toddler, together with the toys, inside a laundry basket.

25 Use a container to store crayons

parenting-hacks-25 / Naturally Blessed Mama /

It is messy when your kid is trying to pull out his crayons from his bag while some of those are already into pieces. Use a container for the crayons to keep its length and the covering label. It will keep the crayons organized.

26 A shoe organizer for kids’ stuff

parenting-hacks-26 /

Hang a shoe organizer where you keep your kid’s stuff. It will prevent you from losing any of the stuff, and it will be easier to determine which is missing, if there are.

27 Put pacifier in portion cups

parenting-hacks-27 /

Keep pacifiers clean at all times. Put them in portion cups to have a complete covering. This will preserve its cleanliness so you’ll be confident to have them used by your toddler.

28 Use straw to get strawberry stem

parenting-hacks-28 /

Get that strawberry stem easily without destroying the berry itself. Insert the straw from the bottom through the stem.

29 Use fabric softener and water to detangle doll hair

parenting-hacks-29 /

Your daughter’s doll’s hair will be messy sometimes and it is very difficult to untangle it. To make it easier, spray its hair with water mixed with fabric softener. The hair softens which make it easier for you to untangle.

30 Use rubber band to minimize soap dispenser

parenting-hacks-30 /

Your kids may love playing with soap by squirting too much from the dispenser. You can actually avoid it by adding a rubber band to the head of the dispenser’s pump. This will limit the amount of soap dispensed from the bottle.

31 Transform old lotion bottle to faucet extender

parenting-hacks-31 /

Your little kids can’t reach the faucet to wash their short hands. An old lotion bottle may be transformed into a faucet extender. This will allow your little kids to reach the water to wash their hands.

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