Obama’s Home After Leaving The White House

Former US President Barack Obama will be spending the next years of his life in this exclusive Kalorama neighborhood after ending his term and letting president elect Donald Trump take over. The 8,200 square-foot residence is just about 1.6 miles away from his residence of eight years, the White House. According to some reports, Obama may have chosen the place to be near enough to provide immediate advise to Trump.

Here are 9 photos that will show you Obama’s relatively new Washington D.C. residence:

Not a typical neighbor


Nytimes.com / lifebuzz.com

This mansion may seem like any ordinary building in the exclusive Kalorama neighborhood. But no, it’s never an ordinary one as the First Family will be moving here after leaving the White House.

Very nice backyard


Marketwatch.com / lifebuzz.com

There’s enough space for Barack’s politician friends in the backyard, perhaps during weekends when they’re supposed to be locked up in an office to discuss the future of the nation. Instead, they can talk things over with barbecues and a game of Jenga on the side.

Be immediately impressed


Lifebuzz.com / forbes.com

Meanwhile, the modern contemporary design of the hallway is equal parts relaxing and stimulating – with its white walls and chessboard-like flooring. In plain sight, it just might look like any other room in the White House.

Luxurious living room


Lifebuzz.com / washingtonian.com

The living room could easily become a favorite hangout spot for the Obamas – the hardwood floors and furniture are elegant and classic – fit for America’s coolest First Family ever.

Kitchen and dining area


Lifebuzz.com / today.com

Meanwhile, the kitchen is where Michelle Obama can entertain friends and maybe cook up something sumptuous (with Barack’s help, of course because equality!)

The bedroom


Lifebuzz.com / cnn.com

This spacious bedroom is enough for Obama’s daughters although they’re a little too old to still be sharing the same room. As shown in the photo, the place is well-lit and has a direct view of the backyard.

The bathroom


Lifebuzz.com / forbes.com

The entire house has nine and a half bathrooms so no one will ever have to wait before they can do their business. This bathroom, for example, is made with all-white fixtures and tiles, perfect for some much-needed alone time for Barack.

The pantry


Lifebuzz.com / forbes.com

The Obamas can enjoy reading books at the pantry while grabbing their favorite beverage or food. We imagine this is a space where they try to squeeze past each other during Thanksgiving, all hands on deck to make the perfect holiday dinner.

The den


Myfox8.com / lifebuzz.com

The den is probably Obama will be spending much of his time in the day. The former US President can watch updates of Trump’s presidency from this room. What do you think of Obama’s new home?

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