Neighbor Calls Grieving Family ‘Scrooges’ For Not Putting Up Christmas Decorations

A family in California is receiving support after an insensitive, and not to mention nosy neighbor sent them a letter in the mail calling them ‘disrespectful’ and ‘scrooges’  for not putting up Christmas decorations, not knowing they were grieving because of a recent death in the family.

The neighborhood of the Zarra family is quite well-known for its usually over-the-top Christmas decorating, and Lyndia Zarra told FOX40 that she is a consistent participant, more so because she was always proud to display her mother, Cheri’s hand-painted displays front and center on their lawn.

But Cheri passed away recently from cancer, and understandably, the grief over the loss of her mother caused Lyndia to step back from decorating this year.

Imagine their surprise and disappointment when they received the disrespectful letter in the mail.

“THE SCROOGES AMONG US!” the letter blared. “The honor, privilege and the huge responsibility of decorating houses is a decades old tradition that the residents of Candy Cane Lane and Lollipop Lane take very seriously.”

christmas decorations

“When you get a letter like that, it’s heartbreaking,” Lyndia told FOX40.

“Because it’s not like I was trying to make the street ugly or whatever. I just had to deal with my family and I.”

Lyndia shared the nasty letter on Facebook where she’s received a lot of support.

“The past 4 months have been hard on my family,” the Facebook post read. “I was out of state for three months caring for my mother who had stage 4 liver cancer. She died in October. I had to handle everything before I could come home. I came home December 1.”

It’s tough enough to see someone you love pass away, but the ensuing paper work and other concerns of properties left behind by the deceased is stressful and can take a toll on anyone.

Lyndia shouldn’t even have to reason out in the first place, because it shouldn’t be the neighborhood’s business anyway if she decides to sit out the holiday rush in the family’s time of grief and difficulty.

The letter sender seemed to also forget that the real message of Christmas isn’t in the decorations and merrymaking, but in being kind to your neighbors.

The Zarra family called out their letter sender too, calling them a “coward” for hiding behind anonymity and passive-aggressiveness.

“Please think before you shame someone on Christmas!”

Read the full letter here.

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