12 Movie Scenes Myths You Won’t Believe You Fell For

Movies influence many of us in several ways. They give us ideas about things that we have never tried. And we immediately believe in them. However, some of the movie scenes we see are actually fooling us, and are far from the truth in real life.

These 12 scenarios will give us a more accurate picture of our most favorite movie scenes.

Chloroform effect



In movies, chloroform is commonly used in kidnap scenes. The victim is immediately knocked out for several hours. But reality speaks almost the opposite as it takes up to 5 minutes before the effect is felt by the victim. In addition to, chloroform’s effect lasts for a short while, not for several hours.

Grenade’s pin



It’s total irony. Movie stars give us the impression that grenade pins can be easily pulled out by using your teeth. But grenade manufacturers aren’t that lax in their extremely dangerous invention. The truth is that teeth are easier to pull out than a grenade’s pin.

Reporting a missing person



How long do you wait before reporting a missing person? No, it isn’t 24 hours like the movies say. If you have to wait that long, then we just endangered the person even more. Contact the police immediately.

Asteroid belt



Sci-Fi movies that feature flying into the asteroid belt make us feel worried about the stars who hardly manage it through a dense and crowded belt. But the universe is far wider than those pictured in movies. In fact, asteroids are actually many miles away.

Saving a drowning man



There is greater danger for a drowning man in reality than what we see in movies. In real life, it’s difficult to notice him and he can’t loudly call for help. It’s absolutely not what we see in movie scenes.

Two guns at a time



Action stars in movies commonly use two guns at a time especially during the hottest scenes. It may be possible for some who have been put through a ton of training in this kind of action, however, aiming at two different targets at a time is hardly possible.

Forensic process



The forensic process provides help to collect more evidence that can be used to identify the suspects. But it does not answer all the questions about the crime.

The use of silencer



After all, a silencer does not provide complete silence. A gun won’t be quiet. The gunshot can still be heard even with the use of a silencer.

Unlocking the door with a gun



When a key is not available, movie stars shoot the padlock shackle to open it. But there’s no way for a small bullet to break a thick iron shackle.

Tracing a phone call



Movies trace phone calls especially in scenes that present a rescue operation for kidnap victims. Within a minute, authorities identify the location of the caller. That’s what movies show. But the process actually takes about an hour in real life.

Free fall



A free fall will bring you to extreme speed downwards bringing strong winds to your entire body. For this reason, it is very impossible to hear any form of sound.

The defibrillator



To make it clear, a defibrillator cannot restart a heart that has stopped functioning.

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