Most Shocking Birthmarks Ever

most-shocking-birthmarks-ever-clickBirthmarks are like our specific identity. Each one is unique to others. It gives us identity. However, some birthmarks are either ones that we would love to keep or just too disturbing that we want it removed. And, even animals have birthmarks you will love.

In some cases, there are birthmarks that are a little unusual. They grow and conquer the entire body if no action is taken. They become so disturbing that patients have to seek a doctor’s advice or even surgery.


Giant mark with hair


In China, a man named Zhang Hongming from Chongqing is nicknamed “Chimpanzee.” His face does not look like one but his back is covered with thick black hair. A closer look will show his giant birthmark which is very rare among human beings. Zhang appealed to doctors to help him get rid of those extra hairs.


Clown’s nose


It’s the bright red nose of Connie Lloyd. A benign tumor grew on the nose of this little girl since birth. The tumor that was bright red in color started covering her nose. At a young age, Connie Lloyd became the victim of taunts and name-calling for her “clown’s nose” condition. With the help of surgeons, Connie now has the same nose as her mom’s.


Turtle boy


Didier Montalvo is a young kid from Colombia who suffered from Congenital Melanocytic Nevus which means a mole has grown unusually large. In Motalvo’s case, it almost covered his entire back. He was teased and banned from going to school because of his mole. He was even called turtle boy. Villagers feared that he was cursed because he was conceived during an eclipse.

With the help of Neil Bulstrode, a plastic surgeon from Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, Montalvo underwent an operation in Bogota which successfully removed the mole.


Horn implants


George Ashman received horn implants as part of the procedure to remove his birthmark, a bright red blemish on his forehead. The implants were placed to serve as tissue expanders under the skin. After four months, the implants were removed, the blemish cut off, and the skin was stretch and stitched together. As a result, George’s forehead now has a little scar, instead of the big red blemish he once had.


Dark birthmark growing very fast


A few months before her consultation, Li Xiaoyuan just had a small birthmark on her back. Then it started to grow along with thick and dark hairs that covered her entire back and started to grow on her hands and face. Li’s condition baffled medics. Surgeon Lou Zhongquan of Zhaoqing City Dermatological Hospital believes that Li is suffering from a rare hereditary disease.


Right Face Covered


Another Chinese boy makes it on the list. An Qi was born with a large birthmark covering the entire right side of his face with thick and dark hair growing on it. Fortunately, Min Yi Plastic Surgery Hospital in Changchun has agreed to give An a free surgery to remove the mole.


Holy Cow


Moses, a cow in Sterling, Connecticut was born with a rare birthmark, a white cross sign on its forehead. This earned Moses the title “Holy Cow.” He was born at a dairy farm in 2010.


Heart-coated Chihuahua


In May 2008, a Chihuahua puppy was born in Odate, Northern Japan. The puppy has a large, clear, love-heart-shaped pattern in its coat. The breeder of the puppy, Emiko Sakurada, has no intention of selling this special pet. Sakurada said that it was her first time encountering such a rare birthmark out of the thousands of puppies she bred.

A cat in a cat


This cat was born with an unusual birthmark. Its back shows another cat formed by its black fur. It is like a cat in a cat.

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