This Mom’s ‘Nagging’ Just Saved Her Family’s Life

This mom’s ‘nagging’ just saved her family’s life. Might want to think twice before blowing mom’s advice off.

An infant was saved from a potentially fatal injury after his mom wouldn’t let dad off the hook about a badly placed baby seatbelt, right before they got involved in a crash that left their vehicle totaled.

Rebecca Tafaro Boyer, from Memphis, Tenn., shared on Facebook that just last month her husband and son, William, were driving home from the pharmacy when they were involved in a crash as another driver tried to make a quick left turn, Yahoo Lifestyle found.

She texted him that the harness on William’s carseat was too loose after the husband sent her a photo of him sleeping in the backseat during their day out.

“My nagging wife reply was to correct William’s position in the car seat — the straps were too loose and the chest clip was way too low,” she recalled in the post. “And because I know my husband, I’m sure that he laughed at me and rolled his eyes before tightening the car seat and fixing the chest clip.”

Rebecca’s keen eye and ‘nagging’ possibly saved the baby’s life as William was ‘so tightly restrained’ that he didn’t even feel the impact, and slept right through the whole ordeal.

She added that she was doubly thankful to her husband too for listening to her and taking the extra time to secure William.

“I can’t even begin to imagine how different the outcome could have been,” she said. “I truly believe that the reason my family is at home sitting on the couch with a pair of crutches instead of down at the hospital is because of my annoying nagging mom voice.”

Families with children under the age of two must be in the seat rear-facing with a tightly fitted five point harness.

Rebecca added that car seats have to be replaced if it is in a car at the time of an accident, regardless of the condition it’s in.

While replacing it might seem expensive, she revealed most insurance policies will cover the replacement cost, Yahoo added in the report.

“The car is a loss, but cars can be replaced — my boys can’t,” she said.

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