Here’s How One Mom Taught Her Kid About Humility

When your child starts to act like he or she is better than everyone else because they happen to be wearing name brand clothes, what do you do? Teach them a lesson in humility, that’s what.

A mother from Auburn, Ga., did just that when she noticed her 13 year old son start to talk lowly of his classmates who weren’t in name brand clothing, and was acting ‘snarky’ about it too.

Cierra Forney then marched the teen to their local Goodwill in what she said was a lesson to snip his entitlement in the bud, and that more expensive, name brand clothing didn’t mean a thing when there are equally great finds at a fraction of the cost from a Goodwill.

She documented their experience in a Facebook post that has since gone viral, and as the Internet does, was met with both praise and criticism.

Forney said she was surprised at how her post got so much response, and appreciated people’s input on her disciplining method.

But she was adamant that her post was also not to shame Goodwill or the people who shop there, as some people apparently took offense that it seemed she ‘resorted’ to Goodwill.

“I didn’t do this to punish him. It wasn’t to show him that goodwill isn’t a good place to shop. I did this to teach him that money and name brands don’t change who we are as people. He can still be the amazing, adorable, loved kid that he is WITHOUT the expensive stores!” Forney wrote in a post.
She added that she 100 percent accepts the truth too that her boy probably got that way because of her and her husband, but thankfully they saw through the error of their ways and how it was impacting their child.

“I do realize that we are partly to blame for his expectancy of always having name brands,” Forney wrote. “My husband and myself had our son when we were VERY young. We always strived to give him all the things we never had and because of that, he has grown to expect these things,” she wrote in a follow up post following the blow-up of her Goodwill post.
For the moms in the crowd, what do you think of Forney’s lesson to her son?

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