Mom Yanks Her Kid Just In Time From Washing Machine

Parents recount their terrifying experience when their 3 year-old climbed into a running washing machine.

The McIver family was sharing a regular errand day Tuesday morning when an unlikely emergency struck: their young son came to them crying, saying that his younger sister Kloe, 3, climbed inside their new front-loading washing machine and it was starting to fill with water.

Lindsey McIver recounted that her husband Alan, flew out of bed to their washer room and found the little girl crying, but ‘you couldn’t hear her.’

“I yanked on the door. I pulled so hard I moved the machine from the wall, but it’s locked,” Alan told Good Morning America of the airtight washer.

They reported that they eventually got the little Kloe out, who aside from a few bumps and scratches, was relatively fine.

“’We better not do that again!’” were Kloe’s words upon getting out of the machine, Lindsey told GMA.

The McIvers didn’t think the washing machine was going to be any danger to their family but are now encouraging other parents with young children to invest in using child safety locks on their washing machines.

“We are continually surprised at the new, inventive ways our kids come up with to try and die. And this was definitely a new one,” said Lindsey in a Facebook post recounting the incident.

“I want to encourage anybody who has this type of front loading washing machine and small children, or even grandkids who visit, to lock the door with a child safety lock and always keep the child lock setting on!” she added.

The viral post has nearly 300, 000 shares and more than 70, 000 comments.

While they are extremely thankful the situation did not escalate to anything more, she said she accepts that responsibility to prevent the accident from happening in the first place was on the parents, but that parent- shaming them won’t improve what already happened.

“We need to be open and honest about our mistakes to help one another keep our kids safe. And trust me, that mom is already beating herself up enough.”

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