9 Friendships Between Men And Animals That Will Amaze You

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Men and animals may have a lot more in common that most of us think.

Friendship – the real ones — do not care about race, religion, age or species, for that matter. Even between men and animals, friendship exists. In fact, animals are known to be the most loyal creatures you can find and every now and then, we find the most amazing stories that prove just that.

Here are 9 great friendships between man and animals that will make you say, “awwwww.”


A penguin who travels thousands of miles

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Jingjing is the Magellanic penguin who travels every year to Brazil to meet the 71-year-old Joao Pereira de Souza. In 2011, Jingjing was washed up to the beach near De Souza’s home. He was covered in oil and was fighting for his life. The old De Souza cleaned up the bird, fed it and nursed it back to health and released it back to the sea.

Today, the two usually spend about eight months every year strolling on the beach and swimming. Jingjing is now considered a village mascot in de Souza’s village.

She feeds the crows

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Gabi Mann is an eight-year old little girl in Seattle, Washington who receives gifts from crows. These gifts include beads, buttons, pieces of metal, and plastic and foam trinkets. Gabi’s close ties with the crows started when she was four years old, after she accidentally dropped food from her window. Since then, the birds used to come to her house hoping to get some food from Gabi.

When Gabi started going to school, she fed the crows with her lunch. The birds would line up to wait for Gabi at the end of the school day.

Gabi keeps all the gifts she receives from the crows.

The lion who remembered

Human Animal Friendship 3


Meet Christian, the lion who was released into the wild after he had become too big to be raised inside a home in London. Christian was purchased by John Rendall and Ace Berg from Harrods department store in 1969. After a year of taking care of him in London, the two friends decided to relocate him to Africa with the help of conservationist, George Adamson.

A few years after Christian’s release, the two decided to visit Christian. Sadly, they were told that there is a very slim chance of meeting the lion in the wild. And there is a slimmer chance they will be recognized by the king of the jungle. But a few days of trying their luck, Christian the Lion found them and recognized his two old friends.

Christian was playfully spending time with his two heroes and even introduced them to his lioness wife.

A conservationalist’s gorilla son

Human Animal Friendship 4


Here is Kwibi, a gorilla that was born in a zoo in England but was released in a jungle reserve in Gabon. Before he was released to the jungle, Kwibi was raised by English conservationalist, Damian Aspinall of The Aspinall Foundation. The convservationalist treated Kwibi like his own son.

When Aspinall tried his luck to visit Kwibi in Gabon, he wasn’t sure if the gorilla would remember him. But Kwibi certainly remember Damian.

A dog and his 340-pound master

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Peety was adopted by then 340-pound, Eric O’Grey, who was suffering from high blood pressure, cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes. Peety inspired O’Grey to become a better person. They worked out together which led to O’Grey’s 140-pound weight loss, while Peety lost about 25 pounds. Shortly after O’Grey finished his first marathon in 2015, Peety was diagnosed with cancer and passed away.

O’Grey believes that Peety taught him to become a better person.

The duck and its “mom”

Human Animal Friendship 6


5-year-old Kylie Morgan believes that she is the mother of Snowflake, a duck. Whenever Kylie is told that she isn’t Snowflake’s mother, she disagrees.

Snowflakes comes whenever called by Kylie. The duck has been Kylie’s companion when she goes to the beach in the summer and plays with her in the snow during the winter. He has been with Kylie during soccer practice, sleepovers and trick-or-treats.

The cat and the autistic girl

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Iris Grace Halmshaw, a 6-year old girl who has autism, found comfort with a therapy cat named Thula. Iris began talking to Thula, giving instructions to her without receiving any objections from the cat. Thula is also helping Iris in her favorite activities like painting, while the cat would mimic the young girl’s actions. According to Iris’ parents, they noticed a big development in their daughter since Thula came to their lives.

There’s a croc in the family

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Rambo is a potty-trained alligator who understands sign language. He is adopted by a woman named Mary Thorn and was in her care for 11 years. In March 2016, Mary was told by the Florida Fish and Wildlife to either move the 15-year old Rambo to a property with at least 2.5 acres of open space or give it up a sanctuary. Thorn describes her relationship with Rambo as that of a mother and a son. She also said that Rambo is a friend to the kids and other animals in their place.

Chomreun and Uorn

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In Cambodia, a young boy named Uorn Sambath has a 16-feet-long, 220 pounds-in-weight best friend. Chomreun, a python, came into the Sambath family when Uorn was still three months old. Today, Chomreun is already in the custody of a rescue center that Uorn still visits regularly.

Amazed by the friendship these men and animals have built? Don’t look far — your pet goldfish might become your next bestie!

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