A Man Lets A Stranger Sleep On His Couch Instead Of Calling The Police

While most of us don’t appreciate an early morning visitor; having to get up and open the door for them, imagine Gordon Pryor’s surprise when he found a complete stranger inside his home, snoozing on his couch.

However, instead of calling the authorities, the 60 year old, from Mangawhai, New Zealand, who woke just before dawn on Dec. 29 decided to let the male stranger sleep it off and find out his story.   

“I’ve traveled the world a bit and you know a few things, and you know your capabilities if you have to deal with somebody and if you need assistance,” Pryor told the New Zealand Herald. “I wasn’t unduly concerned.”

Turns out, the engineering student from the University of Canterbury had attended the Northern Bass Festival music festival in Kaiwaka, which was a little more than 8 miles away, the report added, and had boarded the wrong bus and didn’t know his way back to where he was staying in Waipu.

“I don’t know where he got dropped off and he doesn’t know either,” Pryor said.

stranger sleeps on couch

Pryor added in the report that the young man would have had to cut through farms and tracks, which was a “fair bit of mileage,” before he got to Pryor’s house.

He added that the young man was “more tired than drunk,” and he eventually woke him to offer him a cup of coffee and some toast.

“He said, ‘That’d be good, cheers,’ so I said to him, ‘There’s the f***en jug, you get over there and sort it out because you’ve had a free night’s kip and I’m not making you coffee. You get up there and help yourself,’” he said, in true New Zealander fashion.

Pryor shared some snaps of the snoozing stranger before he woke up and shared it on his Facebook.

While the situation ended on a good note for Pryor and his unexpected guest, he still made sure to advise the student that trespassing is wrong and would’ve gotten him in trouble elsewhere.

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