There Are Now Lego Cats And It’s Exactly How It Sounds

Though we may dread the painful, profanity inducing pain that comes with stepping on some Lego brickss after it’s been played with and nonchalantly left on the floor, we can’t deny its allure to let us at least try to make something out of it.

The toy bricks have created worlds from Sofia the First to Star Wars, but these worlds seemed to miss out on one important member— cats —- that is, until now.

Hong Kong-based company JEKCA recently came out with feline models built in the Lego manner, which are all fully ‘buildable’ and come in a variety of color schemes and poses.

What, no choice of breeds, you may gasp? While you won’t be able to build your favorite tabby or exotic Bengal from the paw up just yet, the company also offers other animals, heck, even Santa Clause in their roster, and they’re all available on Amazon.  

The statues cost $66 and come in kits you can assemble by yourself.

Go ahead and get cracking on those models like these users already did:

A secret organisation unveiled. #jekca #jekcaworld #cat

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