JetBlue Gets Dragged Into A Bride Versus Bridesmaid War

Which side are you on in this bride drama that even JetBlue got dragged into?

Who knew an airline could be so diplomatic?

Over the weekend, JetBlue got into a bit of a Twitter mess between a bride and her supposed-to-be bridesmaid, after some differences in scheduling caused the bride to boot out her friend from the bridal party.

Courtney Duffy, an MBA student at Ivy League Dartmouth College and the bridesmaid in question, took to social media to vent a recent interaction with her friend Alex, who sent her an email asking her to ‘relinquish’ her duties as a bridesmaid.

“SOS @JetBlue! Booked my X-C [cross-country] flights for a wedding, then was asked ‘to relinquish’ my ‘duties as a bridesmaid’ & mail my bridesmaid outfit X-C so another girl could fill in and wear it (Happy bday to me!) I am laughing & crying & must avoid this wedding at all costs. Pls help?” Duffy wrote on Twitter, which has since been made private, Daily Mail reported.

Marie Claire shared the contents of the letter which starts out friendly enough, rife with exclamation points and in a tone that is meant to toe along the lines of ‘omg haha so awkward’ and ‘I really need you to do this for me right now or else I’ll implode,’ or at least, that’s our take on it.

“I’m so glad to hear you booked flights! I’m sorry classes are taking such a long time to sort out. I know how hard you’re working to be here for the wedding and it means so much to us!” Alex starts off, but then drops the first bombshell. “I have a massive favor to ask you, though – and this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to ask anyone – but I need to ask you to relinquish your duties as a bridesmaid.”

But to be fair to Alex, she considered the craziness of an MBA student’s schedule and how Duffy apparently couldn’t be there for the entirety of the wedding.

“Come to the wedding, have a fabulous time, and travel in the time you need to without stressing about anything else!” the letter continued. “When I asked you, I was really hoping that you could be a part of this whole thing – the bachelorette trip, at least the weekend, prep and the full night of the event (a Sunday night flight means you won’t even be able to be there for the whole wedding)… the whirlwind nature of what your travel has become just won’t work with the duties as a party member. I’m so, so sorry!!”

But we probably don’t know: maybe Courtney ironed something out, or that she really really wanted to be there for her friend at such a momentous time in her life, so we can only imagine her reaction when the second bomb was dropped:

“And I know this is incredibly awkward, but there is a possibility that I might be able to have someone else step into the role and assume the duties. Could you please mail the jumpsuit to me? I’ll Venmo you the postage and the cost of the jumpsuit – just let me know the total,” Alex wrote before signing off, “and if you’d like to chat on the phone, let me know! I promise we’re totally cool!”

While Alex also wrote that she assured Duffy the sudden changes didn’t mean she was ‘letting them down,’  the story has Twitter users divided, with some on Team Duffy saying her friend was a classic ‘bridezilla’ while others were on Team Alex, who said that it’s her big day and what she says, should go.

As stated, JetBlue didn’t dive right into the mess by taking sides, but on top of agreeing to refund Duffy’s ticket, plugged that they would be happy to help the two friends “patch things up” with a free girls’ weekend whenever the pair are ready.

What do you guys think?

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