Japanese Police Discovers Dismembered Bodies In A Tokyo Apartment

dismembered dicapitated

The world is full of horrible things, but this time it looks like justice will be served after police in Japan discovered a man keeping dismembered human remains in his flat in the province of Zama, south of Tokyo city.

According to reports, the dismembered bodies of eight women and one man were found in varying states of mutilation in the apartment of 27- year old Takahiro Shiraishi.

Officers added he didn’t deny any of the findings either, admitting that he “killed them and did some work on the bodies in order to hide the evidence.”

The authorities were led to Shiraishi’s apartment after a missing persons case filed last September 21 by a man in search of his 23- year old sister.

CCTV searches by police found the unnamed woman  walking in the area with Shiraishi.

What’s twisted however, was that the woman reportedly posted a tweet about an assisted death, adding that she was “looking for someone to die with.”

Police believe Shiraishi and the woman got connected to meet through online messaging.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police has said that the suspect was not contesting any of the charges leveled against him, which included dismembering bodies and hiding them.

“He has said ‘I dismembered a body and placed it inside a cooler and poured cat litter over it. It was meant to hide the body that I killed and to hide evidence’,” the officer was quoted as saying.

Details of the report included that officers initially found two severed heads inside an ice chest at the apartment’s entrance before finding the other body parts.

Shiraishi was also morbidly calm about the entire thing, telling officers he chopped up some of the bodies and threw organs and other viscera in the trash.

DNA testing is underway to identify the bodies of the deceased.

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