Irresistibly Cute Photos Of Animals Hugging That Will Make Your Day

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We all need a good hug every now and again, and that goes for every creature on Earth. Big or small, we all crave physical contact.

Here are 22 heartwarming photos of animals sharing some love with a good old-fashioned hug:

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Animals Hugging 1These are Prairie Dogs. They are members of the rodent family, they can be commonly found in Western United States, Canada up to Mexico. They’re small creatures, but obviously with a big heart. They are family-oriented creatures so from time to time you might find them hugging each other because of their love each family member.


Animals Hugging 2Kittens by nature loves to cuddle one another. They are known to be close their kin and especially the mothers of their kind. They typically go in groups so that they can keep a close eye on each other. Kittens are already cute, but they’re more cute when you see a scene like this one on the street.


Animals Hugging 3Elephants are huge animals, and sometimes humans are afraid of them because of their size. But in this photo of pure tenderness, a man hugging a baby elephant can certainly warm your heart. It just shows that no matter what race or kind you’ve come from as long as there is love everyone can give a hug.


Animals Hugging 4

We all know lions are ferocious animals, but it is entirely different when you see this photo. You can actually feel the love between these two cubs. They might give off a dangerous aura in the wild, but a kin is a kin, they are blood related to they might as well show their love to one another by giving each other a warm hug.


Animals Hugging 5

It is entirely normal for cats to lick, cuddle, brawl and do things like this one in the picture. This animal is surely capable of loving their own and they are not ashamed to show it in different ways. So if you feel like hugging someone, you might as well find a cat and warm yourself with their hug, because they can certainly return the favor.


Animals Hugging 6

Brighten your gloomy day just by looking at this picture. They’re in the wild, but they are most certainly not wild in showing affection towards others. That could be possible for people also, maybe just by looking at these photos you might find the need to find someone you can hug to lessen the load of your heart.


Animals Hugging 7

Watching someone asleep can be surprisingly comforting towards others. This is because no matter what position it is, we can certainly find peacefulness in sleep. Now to see an animal hugging each other well, it just melts our hearts entirely.


Animals Hugging 8

When you see a strong, vicious and aggressive animal in this position, your heart quickly softens. Even though we know what they’re capable of seeing their they can be vulnerable in caring for their young surely hits the soft spots. Hence, in life all those who’ve become hard in life can actually be soft on the inside just like this photo.


Animals Hugging 9

Genuineness of feelings towards one another can be seen just through a hug. We can all be true to our feelings and can show it through simple actions. Just by simply hugging someone like in this photo we can all recall the good things that have happened in life.


Animals Hugging 10

Amidst the coldness being shown in this photo, the love coming from the polar bears warm our hearts. We associate coldness to sadness, but in their habitat these bears always experience harsh and extreme coldness, but they overwhelm it with their love. So to some who may have cold hearts, you can definitely warm it through the love of the people around you.


Animals Hugging 11

The baby horse holds on to its mother because it has to. Sometimes in life we have to accept the support of the people around us to keep going and facing tomorrow with a smile on our face. In this photo we can almost see the need to hold on and the want of the mother to keep the support to its baby. You can be certain that we all have the kind of support system in our life.


Animals Hugging 12

Contentment is obviously present in this photo. Some point in our life we can ever be contented of what we have, but we forgot to remember the power of love. That just by having someone to hug us, we can attain peace and contentment. Surely in this photo they held on to each other because they are contented to do so.


Animals Hugging 13

The harshness of the world can get through us and make us rough, but this photo says differently. This couple has been exposed to harshness in the wild, but as you can see, there is love. Use this as an inspiration that no matter what life brings we can always have love within us that we can share with others.


Animals Hugging 14

Seeing this photo is meant to move you in a gentle way. To actually see an adoration of one animal to another really soothes our hearts. And just by looking at it, they are very thankful to have each other. We all hope to find someone to give us the same love we give or the love that we deserve, this photo simply shows us that we can all love and be loved in return.


Animals Hugging 15

With a beautiful background and a tender scene from these dears will knock down the walls in your hearts. You might actually be wondering how great it would be to be in this place right now. We are capable of giving enough love to one another just as this dears. I suggest you would smile and learn to accept the love that you deserve to ahieve the tenderness in this photo.


Animals Hugging 16

That simple hug and pat on the back, while saying everything’s going to be alright. As inhabitants of this world we all have our moments of need and struggle. We all need that someone who would say to us that all these struggles shall pass, eventually. In this photo it makes you want to find that someone right now and ask him/her for a hug.


Animals Hugging 17

This could be one of the sweetest pic in the bunch. They are actually kissing each other while holding in each other arms. Typically monkeys are the closes to being humans and to see this may substantially mean that all humans are really capable of loving someone or perhaps everyone they chose to love. You could actually be smiling right now while looking at this photo.


Animals Hugging 18

This photo, simply shows a clan of meerkats. By nature, these animals are adorable and loving to each other. They have the same affinity to the family of humans and to see them so protective and close to each other makes us think of our own family. Let us constantly show our love to our family because we only have one and they are not going anywhere.


Animals Hugging 19

Aside the fact the koalas are utterly adorable and cute, they are also capable of giving off major form of love. Just like in this photo, koalas are so close to their offspring and they are not ashamed to showcase their love. See how close and tight the big koala holds on to the baby koala, oh it’s just a cuteness overload.


Animals Hugging 20

Could be one of the cutest and lovable creatures on the planet is pandas. You can’t deny that by simply watching your heart flutters and skips a beat. This photo certainly creates a form of happiness that only these pandas can give. Let us hope that we can all have a panda in our life to give us a panda hug.


Animals Hugging 22

This photo is obviously cute because of the cat and the kitten. But what’s more touching here is the love of the mother cat to the kitten. Love can be in many forms, and one of the most visible type of love in this world is a mother’s love. It is the same in all parts of the world so you can be sure to see this type of love wherever you go.


Animals Hugging 23

When love is present it will show itself effortlessly. In this photo the lions show their fondness by bumping each other’s heads to the other. The tenderness clasps your heart and you can’t explain why. Perhaps when we fall in love to the right person we can see things more clearly just like these two loving lions.

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