8 Ways for Injury-free Running

Running is one of the most common exercises to lose fat, weight, and build muscle. Thus, it’s every ambitious man’s easy way to remain fit. But this active exercise also has its own dangers.

These eight suggested ways will help you enjoy your running habits while keeping you safe.

Run on different surfaces

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It’s the best way of running when you enjoy doing it regardless of the surface. Run on different surfaces as you train yourself. Regularly switching between hard, soft, smooth, and bumpy roads will guarantee added satisfaction. Varying your tracks comes with varied foot movements, thus an exercise to different muscles.

Cross Training

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Do not just run all the time. It is recommended to cross train with other related physical exercises like cycling. This is to make sure that your muscles don’t overstrain. In addition, it is also training other muscles of your legs to decrease chance of injury.

Strength Training

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As you enjoy running, do not forget to spend time strength training. You don’t have to immediately run and just stop as you wish. Of course, warm up and cool down exercises are important. Aside from running, you can perform muscle exercises, knee exercises, calf raises, Achilles and strengthening of the foot. Upper body exercises, hamstrings, and quadriceps are also necessary.

Right running shoes

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It’s an obvious fact for every running enthusiast. Running’s first best requirement is the right running shoes. This will help you endure more, increase fun, remain comfortable, and decrease risk for an injury. So choose the right one for your favored sport and get the best possible outcome you wish for.

Track the mileage of shoes

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Shoes have their own lifespan so do not overuse them. Using an overused pair of shoes will increase the tendency of an injury. Worn out shoes are painful to your knees, hips, and ankles. Shoes can last up to 500 miles for lightweight runners and just 300 miles for heavyweight runners. So do not hesitate to replace them for your own good.

Staying light on your feet

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Keep yourself light on your toes making it easier for your shoes to take. It is important to follow the proper running techniques so you will remain light during your course of running. It helps you remain on track and achieve your goals as well.

Appropriate running diet

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It is very important to know what to eat as a runner. Your diet must be able to fuel your body with adequate strength, energy, and conditioning. Calcium is an essential part of a runner’s diet. It helps avoid stress fractures. It is also very important for the health and strength of your bones. Also, add some proteins to your diet. Proteins help repair sore muscles.

Keep hydrated

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Hydration is very crucial for any active activities like running. It keeps muscles in form and prevents cramping and injuries. Dehydration results in low potassium levels, thus increasing chances for cramping of hamstrings, quads, and calves.

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