An Infant Was Buried For 9 Hours In The Mountains And Came Out Alive

An infant survived  9 hours buried in Montana mountains.

Police in Missoula County found a 5-month old infant partially buried in debris for an estimated nine hours in the mountains of Montana Sunday morning after it was left there by guardian Francis Carlton Crowley, 32.

CNN reported that the child had minor scrapes and bruises, but was in good condition and is now in the custody of Montana Child and Family Services.

Prior to the infant’s discovery, police received reports from residents that Crowley had been ‘acting strangely’ near the Lolo Hot Springs area on Saturday, and additional calls came in during the day that he had started to threaten people, saying he had a gun.

Crowley was able to leave the area before police arrived, but they learned that the infant who was supposed to be in his care was not seen for “several hours.”

They circled back to the hot springs where Crowley was also apprehended by police, and he was allegedly found by police to be under the influence of drugs as he was “not making sense” to the officers, but that they managed to get it out of him that the baby was “possibly buried” in the mountains.

A 5-month-old baby was left partially buried in the mountains of Montana for at least nine hours before being discovered by a Missoula County Sheriff’s deputy.

He has been charged with criminal endangerment and scheduled to appear in court Tuesday, July 10; added a report from KPAX.

It was not stated yet whether he would be assigned a lawyer, according to the Missoula County Attorney’s Office.

It was found that Crowley is also a fugitive from Oregon, the CNN report added, with Dylan Arthur, executive director for the parole board in Oregon saying that Crowley was under post-prison supervision for several counts of burglary and one count of criminal mischief.

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