9 Incredible Places To Visit During Low Tides


There is a unique beauty in places that are only accessible as nature permits. This is true of these nine amazing places that disappear during high tide. Yes, they actually disappear. So, when you’re making plans to visit them, make sure to check the water level first.

Passage du Gois, France


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Before you visit the island of Noirmoutier in the Gulf of Burnef, France, you’d better check the tides first. The Passage du Gois is a 2.58-mile road that connects the gulf to the island. It disappears 13 feet underwater twice a day as the tide rises. But, there are two elevated rescue towers for people to climb, just in case.


Shivling to Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple, India



In Kavi Kamboi, Gujarat, India, a place of worship for Hindi people comes underwater during high tides. The Shivling to the Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple disappears to the sea which makes it available only during low tide. Shivling refers to the abstract or aniconic representation of Shiva used for worship in temples or smaller shrines.


Island castle, Mont Saint Michel, France


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An island castle in Mont Saint Michel, France is only accessible on low tides. On high tides, the road to the castle disappears underwater. The castle came to fame as the place that never fell to the English during the 116 years of the Hundred Years’ War.


Sea-Parting Festival, South Korea


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In the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula, an annual festival that is celebrated is known as the Jindo Sea-Parting Festival. The celebration happens once a year as the road connecting the South Korean island of Jindo and the island of Modo disappears underwater. The festival attracts hundreds of thousands of locals and tourists. In 1975, the festival came to the world’s attention through the French Ambassador to South Korea, Pierre Landy, labeling it as the Korean version of Moses’ miracle parting of the Red Sea.


Disappearing airport


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Barra airport in the western coast of Scotland has runways that disappear during high tides. This is the reason why flights in the airport are dependent on the seawater level.


The tidal island causeway in England


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The small, rocky tidal island of St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, England is only accessible by land on low tides. The granite causeway leading to the island disappears underwater during high tides. However, ferry boat services are now running to serve tourists and visitors during the high tides of summer. Many visit the place because it is rich in history and lore.


The disappearing dreamlike white sandbar


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Bais City, Negros Oriental in the Philippines is the place to witness this dreamlike white sandbar which is only visible during low tides. A 15-minute boat ride from South Bais Bay will lead tourists to Manjuyod White Sandbar. On high tides, the beauty of the crystal blue waters will greet the visitors while the sandbar does the same on low tides.


The disappearing horse sculptures


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Eco-sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor created the disappearing horse sculptures standing by the Thames, located by the Vauxhall Bridge. The sculptures are put up as a message to people to reflect on the dependence of fossil fuels. The full view of the masterpiece is only available when there is a low tide. On high tides, the horses and its riders completely disappear.


Romantic Angel Road in Japan which appears only on low tides


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Couples love to visit the romantic Angel Road in Shodoshima, Kagawa, Japan. Legends believe that if lovers hold hands while walking the 500-meter path, it will lead to their happiness. Three hours before low tide, is the best time to cross the road because there are the least amount of footprints at that time.

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