Honeymoon Turns Tragic When Newlyweds Meet Ziplining Accident

A honeymoon turns tragic as newlywed couple figure in tragic ziplining accident.

What was supposed to be a honeymoon getaway for an Israeli couple turned tragic after they crashed into each other at high speeds while suspended on a zipline.

Last week, Egael Tishman, 24, and Shif Fanken, 27, were travelling on Royal Caribbean Cruises’ Allure of the Seas and tried out one of the zipline attraction ashore in Roatan, Honduras, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports.

USA Today added in its report that the wife was hanging at a halfway point in the cables when the husband zoomed into her causing several serious injuries including broken ribs.

The couple was then sent to a local hospital, where unfortunately, the husband died from his injuries, Royal Caribbean Cruises spokesperson Owen Torres told USA Today.

He was also apparently complaining of breathing problems prior to the accident.

Torres added that the excursion operator over a treetop canopy who managed the couple’s zipline trip has been suspended, Torres added.

The wife has since been flown to a hospital in Florida where she had surgery and is now in stable condition.

Collisions on ziplines have occurred all over the world, and all with the same devastating results.

Outside Online details the story of *Lisa, who had gone with her family to a reputable adventure park in Chiang Mai. She was next in line to ride the 980-foot cable when her guide, who did not wait for radio confirmation on the other side of the platform whether the line was clear of the Chinese woman who had gone ahead of Lisa, signaled for her to jump the line.

A moment later, those who were left on the platform heard an awful smack, ‘like a wooden bat hitting a baseball.’

Lisa came back into view, dangling from the line in her harness, unconscious and limp, but alive and with severe injuries. The Chinese woman she had collided with had apparently stopped short of the landing platform, and drifted back into the low point of the line where Lisa was fast approaching.

*Lisa and the Chinese woman had suffered broken six ribs, as well as broken tailbones and pelvises, with Lisa suffering a partially collapsed lung and a damaged optic nerve.

Safety experts stress the importance of customers insisting that zipline operators take the extra precautions and additional time in making sure, even if it is a busy operation day.


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