Hilarious Newspaper Blunders That Will Make You Lose Faith In Journalism


The newspaper is perhaps the oldest medium of relaying current events. It is how people keep themselves updated with the latest issues, events and developments in the society. Because of this, newspapers have to keep up with certain journalism standards to maintain their credibility.

However, newspapers are run by humans and thus, human error is to be… well… expected. In this list, we have compiled some of the most hilarious and badly placed newspaper headlines and ads that will make you want to shake your head and somewhat lose faith in journalism.

Have you found a strange or funny newspaper blunder? Why don’t you take a picture and upload it to the article below? We’d love to see what you have to share!

This Pedophile’s Confession


This headline would have made us very angry except that the creep factor was multiplied a hundred fold reading the photo header to the left.


This Supposedly Great News Next To A Tragic One


We’re imagining a lot of explosions here.


You Might Want To Check Under Your Bed


Big and hairy – exactly how pedophiles look like in our imagination.


The Use Of A Comma In A Sentence Could Make A Big Difference


Well, now we know why Rachael Ray’s food taste sooo good.


No Is No, Guys!


That on the right seemed all too perfectly (or badly) placed.


We Don’t Know This Fruit


But we have a feeling this fruit is not good for you.


This Poor Kid


What makes the release of sex offenders a “great day” for kids? That’s a mystery we have yet to solve.


Royal Salem Witch Hunt?


Thought we’d burned these women at the stake centuries ago?


These Monkeys And This Headline


We feel ya, monkeys. We feel ya.


This “Where Magazine” Cover Where The Letter “E” Looks Like An “O”


Is it just us or does Where Magazine look like it’s selling its model?


More Reasons To Celebrate The Royal Wedding, Huh?


Love and death in the same page cause why not?


This Answers All Our Questions About Self-Harming


Self-harming really is just for fun… Not.


Now We’re Thinking Twice About Aeronautics School


Where you can learn how to fly a plane and be a sexual predator.


Try Not To Laugh About This


If you laughed, you’re the worst human being ever. Lol.


This Headline Has Ruined Our Childhood


We knew these guys seemed a little shady!




Somehow, this magazine spread seems to coincide.


Such Vivid Imagery Of A Man’s Death


You can almost hear him screaming.

Do you have a photo of a funny newspaper ad or headline? Send them over below!

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