Hilarious Memes For People Who Love Eating, Drinking And Sleeping


Three of the easiest things to do in this life are eating, drinking, and sleeping. These are usually stress-free and fulfilling. But some of us are just too addicted to these three. There are cases when, without even wanting to, you still find yourself eating, drinking or sleeping.

Here are ten common scenarios when you can’t help but be completely controlled by your instinct to eat, drink, and sleep. We are sure many of us can relate to any of these situations.

Not ignoring


We cannot stop people from believing that we are ignoring them because they receive no reply from us. In many cases, no response can even cause differences and misunderstanding. Actually, we are not ignoring them, it just so happens that their call isn’t enough to wake us up.


So much love…to eat


Everything is there — the dream, the desire, the dedication — but the tummy just don’t coordinate with the plan. As a result, the desired sexy body will always be a priority “soon.”


Doing assignments at home


Assignments are also called homework. By its name alone, it should be done at home. However, what happens at home isn’t all about doing assignments. What we usually do goes back to the basic — eating, drinking, and sleeping.


3 hours interval


How long before you need to eat again? It isn’t 5 hours or 4 hours, but mostly it’s just three. So, when it’s already beyond three hours, it becomes a punishment.


5 seconds after getting home


What is the first thing you do after arriving home? It isn’t doing projects or assignments; it isn’t changing clothes or helping in household chores, but it is your favorite, eating.


No to soda


Soda is unhealthy so it must be a no. But we always look for a substitute, and the most common available is alcohol. In most events, if it isn’t soda they have to drink, then it’s alcohol.




Sometimes, it is better to be like kids. They usually eat what they want and they don’t care what they look or how they look for as long as they can indulge in what they want.


Sleep or nap


Some problems are so stressful to take. They are using up your energy. These kinds of problems need some extra time to think up solutions. How do we usually think up solutions to these kinds of problems? We sleep and give our self the time to regain the energy we’ve lost before.


Never eat again


You found yourself too fat for that figure so you decided not to eat in order to lose some weight. However, reality remains contrary to what you’ve been wanting.


Getting ready now


How many events have you experienced this? It is when other people are waiting for you in an appointment and you’re just not into it yet. Bring on a glass of champagne and feel your moment.

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