These Food Product Names Are So Hilarious You Won’t Believe It


Some foods are attractive from the packaging design down to the names. We cannot deny that names are an essential part of telling the market what the product is all about.

But some product names are just too hilarious. They may not have influences from the common names or terms we encounter every day, but seeing them can remind us of something. Some names also become hilarious after being translated.

But whatever the case may be, seeing products with hilarious names can make our day. The following are some of them.


Soup for Sluts


Will you dare buy this instant ramen? It is cheap, fast and easy. It will surely keep you warm on the coldest of nights. Not sure how good it will be though.


Urinal hot drink


We guess this drink is normally hot and salty. Urinal hot drink is a good way to start your day. It is also best on cold days. At some point, it may smell like something you’re not sure of though.


Vegetarian Swallow Balls


There’s no need to chew it, just swallow it. It is vegetarian’s most loved balls.


Ass Pearls


Where do these pearls come from? What are they made of? Oh man, we hope it isn’t from where it gets its name.


Golden Gaytime


Do you want to be gay? Or just need some gay time? Get four delicious chances to have a gay time with Golden Gaytime.


Negrito Bimbo


It is long and it is dark. It is Negrito.


Pee Cola


Get a taste of pee with Pee Cola. This might be the same company that makes Urinal hot drink.


Child Shredded Meat


This is quite disturbing. It isn’t sure if this Child Shredded Meat will be in demand in your place. Will it be in demand? Will you buy it?


Rape Sour Lolly


Have you tried Rape? Choose the best taste of Rape you wish to experience with Sucette Rape Sour Lolly.


Breast Munchies


Get the taste of original breasts with Breast Munchies.




Get some SARS wherever you go. Take note, it is better served cold. But we thought SARS has been extinct.


Fresh Cemen Dip


Dip almost anything with the fresh Cemen Dip. It is white and creamy. But hey, check out first where this Cemen Dip is made.




It is like, seriously, batmilk? It also looks good, but I’m not sure if it will be market potential.


Only Puke


There’s no other thing we love to have, it’s Only Puke.




It isn’t just pussi, it is Megapussi. It is grilled so you can feel the hotness of Megapussi.

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