Hilarious Dog Moments To Turn Your Bad Day Around


Hilarious dog moments can’t help but make us smile no matter how our day is going. Twitter handle, “You Are Dog Now” helps you discover your dog spirit animal. You just need to submit a photo of yourself and wait for the result.

Since it came to Twitter users’ attention, “You Are Dog Now” have been getting more and more photo submissions from followers. Here are some of the results from the submitted photos.

A Mouthful of Excitement


Hungry? Can’t get enough of excitement? Or maybe you’re in a competition.  Just don’t bark when your mouth is full.

Such beauty!


This furry forest prince got that “far-away look” locked down.

Too Many Bubbles


The resemblance is striking! You almost can’t tell which one’s human and which one’s dog… Hmmm. Dog’s probably the left one.

Curly is Beauty


Damn, Mr. Dog Stylist’s weave game is strong!

Presidential Dog?


What? Barack Obama has a long-lost twin?

The Presidential Applicant


“Let’s make America great again! And by that, I mean go to a salon.”

I can do better than that!


This cute pooch is doing a better job than J-Law when it comes to being goofy.

Fly High


When your human throws the Frisbee (this caption applied to both photos).

Tiny Eyes


Two tiny eyes are good to see.

Too much Speed


Spot the difference between the two photos. Didn’t you see anything? Same.

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