Genius Ideas From Lazy People


We usually become lazy for many reasons. But sometimes, we just become lazy for no reason. However, with laziness comes the various brilliant ideas to substitute the supposed effort we need to exert.

It is when we feel lazy that our minds work to come up with new ideas. We become resourceful. As a result, we create genius inventions or methodologies as a substitute to the effort we could exert.

Here are twelve (12) of some of the crazy but genius ideas from people who are lazy enough to perform them. Work smarter not harder. Enjoy!

Creative way to refuel


This man really knows how to save time and effort. Why get out of the car if you don’t have to? Clever move man. Just a tip if you wish to follow this, make sure that you park your car at the right distance from the pump.


The walking Santa


Santa is just too tired to climb and set himself up there. Or maybe the homeowner is too lazy to put Santa up. But then, the idea of putting Santa on the ground is effective. He looks good there.


Instant abs


Any man who needs instant abs should try this. It’s really quick and easy. It is easier than ABC. I’m now worried that gym instructors may lose their jobs. However, your abs will also leave very quickly.


Hanging tablet


Holding a tablet while lying in your bed is punishment on your hands and arms. But thanks to this cool lazy tip. More energy can be saved for other activities.


Too tired to unpack


Unpacking and assembling this package is such a tiresome chore. So, a creative idea is applied without compromising the real use of the content of this package. A chair is a chair as long as you can sit on it.


A genius way to cruise the river


This old man is found cruising a canal without any effort. He resourcefully uses his remote-controlled tug boat to cruise along this canal. That was a pure genius move!


Self-driving lawnmower


As the homeowner has become too lazy to personally push the lawnmower across his lawn, he got this awesome idea. He tied up the mower to a post in a way that the mower will move in a circular motion. As it moves though, part of the rope is wrapping around the post making the rope shorter and the mower closer to the post. In this way, the homeowner has saved energy and discovered a new strategy.


The swing


This father tied a rope on a swing so that he won’t have to stand near his child constantly pushing all the time. This isn’t bad, it’s all about strategy and cleverness. After all, the child is still enjoying himself and the father is comfortable with where he is.


Built-in ashtray


This may be a good idea but a little wind may leave those ashes sprayed all over the place. Even a little movement by the user may leave everything a mess. So you better not use this.


Slides by the bed


If you are having trouble getting down from the top of a double-decker bed, this is a cool idea for you. This slide will be convenient, without any hassle.


Read while lying flat


This is now possible with the use of prisms that are attached to the eyeglasses. These prisms turn the pages 90 degrees so you can read without lifting your hands or raising your head.


Shoot through the chute


This soda can chute is installed to save the time and effort of going downstairs and upstairs. Just make sure a garbage can awaits at the bottom so cans will easily fall into it. Amazing sister!

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