Funny Photos of Kids Sleeping Just About Anywhere



Kids are kids. They are stubby-armed, messy and technically just tiny little-drunk adults.

Every kid needs to have enough rest and sleep as part of their development and sometimes, this means falling asleep in inappropriate or unlikely places – shelves, on top of their pets and more.

Here are few of the many proofs that kids are just kids.

Kids Don’t Give AF About The President


If you’re an adult, nothing could keep you from staying awake to see the most influential man in the world. But since kids are kids and they don’t care if you’re the President of America, they can do as they like.

On a suitcase


Traveling is very taxing and this kid reflects just how every adult feels after a very long flight. Kudos to her creative and practical way of taking a nap. Does this mean her dad would have to pay extra for the excess baggage weight?

On legos


Here is a kid who displays his extraordinary love for legos. No need to bring him to bed, mom.

On a shelf


This cutie is living proof that you don’t even need to lie down to sleep soundly. If we all slept like this, we would have saved money from buying that bed in IKEA and beds would be obsolete.

On the toilet


Whenever your child takes a longer time than usual going to the toilet, better check him out. Either he’s having a hard time passing poop or he has dozed off to the land of chocolate… erm… dreams.

On a dog


Dog isn’t just a man’s best friend; it’s this baby’s pillow, too. Awww!

In a shoe


We’re not sure if the baby’s just so exhausted or the shoe smelled so bad, he collapsed on it.

While mommy’s shopping


Proof that dads aren’t the only ones who go through hell when they tag along with mom in the mall. We feel ya, kid.

On the edge


Babies (and adults) can fall asleep so deep, they sometimes fall off the bed. Good thing this net thing is very durable!

Like a kangaroo’s baby


Behold, a revolutionary sofa cover that also works as a baby hammock. Wonder if this comes in adult size, too?



We can now argue that it is a hard task to choose what you most like from among the many items available at IKEA – so hard, this little baby just gave up and fell asleep on the push cart. Sleep > Cute cabinets (Sorry, mom!).

While posing


Who needs a pillow when you can support your own head while sleeping, am I right?

Like a yoga master


Children don’t care about “proper sleeping positions” just as long as they get that afternoon nap.

In dog’s bed


Sleeping in your dog’s bed? Why not?

On the concrete


When you drank too much tea during your best friend’s tea party.

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