8 Hilarious Memes For Women Who Have Dated A Fuckboy

If you have ever dated fuckboy after fuckboy, then you’ve probably noticed the same patterns of behavior in them. They would act so sweet and boyfriend-material, send you good morning texts and just when you thought everything’s going the relationship route, they ask for nudes. If you refuse sending nude photos, they’ll spit some disgusting names at you just because they didn’t get what they want.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are way worst behaviors of fuckboys that, frankly, you have gotten used to but hope to escape one day. Luckily, these special and horrible breed of men help us produce the most hilarious memes to make light of the whole situation.

  1. Fake Apologies


A common trait of the fuckboy species is when they reply to your texts… 3 months later. In this case, an insult on their intelligence is pretty understandable.

  1. Anally-Conceived


More often than not, fuckboys say the most stupid and insensitive things. Often, they make nasty comments about your body, your clothes or your opinions. It’s easy to think they’ve been conceived through a hole where dirt is excreted from the body.

  1. They Always Ruin Things


When he ruins the awesome conversation you’ve been having with: “Send nudes” text messages.

  1. Even Mother Teresa Knows


Obviously, this is a fake Mother Teresa quote but we’d like to think she’s had her fair share of fuckboys.

  1. You’re Not His Only Bae


And did we mention they can say anything you want to hear just to get into your pants?

  1. God Has Forsaken Us


Clearly, it’s God’s punishment for your unplanned shopping spree at Sephora last week.

  1. Instagram Knows


Thankfully, you can see his likes on Instagram. And it makes you kinda giddy seeing he’s liked your recent selfie with your dog. But he’s liking about twenty other girls’ cleavages, too.

  1. Dropping Hints


And lastly, when you’re sooo tired of dealing with a fuckboy, you often resort to posting cryptic fuckboy quotes online. So much for dropping a hint, huh?

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