Embarrassing Travel Gadgets That Are Actually Helpful

Not all travel products are made equal: some are sleek, inconspicuous, and make life easier for frequent jet-setters. Then there are these products.

They might not be the kind you’d be proud to fish out of your luggage during the airport toilet rush, but according to Smart Travel, they’re still a good bet.



Dubbed a ‘female urination device’ (but honestly, it’s  a pee funnel), it comes out of the package as a hot-pink silicon device that allows women to take a wee standing up; anytime, anywhere. Convenient, right?

To top it off, the makers of GoGirl claim that “life’s greatest adventure shouldn’t be finding a bathroom.”


Tush Wipes

Not one to beat around the bush with brand names, Tush Wipes do what they say they will. Cop a pack on Amazon.


On the Cuff


We have truly hit the pinnacle of worries: water running down your arms after washing your hands is now cancelled.

Slide these absorbent, packable bracelets before every hand washing and for $6.99 on Amazon, never have to deal with slightly damp sleeves ever again.



Hate having to go through the trouble of removing your skivvies in a dirty public toilet, and having to hold on to it or expertly maneuver the waistband around your knees as you pee? Fret no more!


Claspies are underwear that clip on either side, and the as their website put it, “While traveling, there is nothing better than putting on a fresh pair of panties in the middle of a long journey! Thank you, Claspies.” Sold already?



Part pillow, part reason why no one will ever want to share a seat with you ever again, the SkyRest is a behemoth of a pillow for the dedicated face sleeper. But who needs friends in dreamland? Purchase this personal space insurance on Amazon.



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The only item on this list that’s not entirely horrendous, the Vogmask promises to block toxic particles, pollution, smog and other impurities from your air holes. Plus, with its wide array of colors and sizes, there’s sure to be one Vogmask that appeals to you.


Helpy Carry-on Harness

Oh sure, laugh at the product model now, but what you fail to see is when you inevitably find yourself making a mad dash across the airport holding 8,127,381 things in your arms, she’s sending a work email, replying a flirty wink emoji at that cute text from her boo, and probably carrying a latte in the other hand, entirely unbothered about the luggage clunking along behind her.

You know you want it. It’s $24.95 from MyHelpy.com.


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