Todd The Heroic Doggo Saved His Human From A Rattle Snake

Todd the dog is the bravest little golden!

What was supposed to be one of their regular pleasant hikes through the desert hills in Anthem, Arizona turned into a harrowing experience for Paula Godwin and her 6-month old golden retriever Todd, when a scaly, scary critter decided to make its presence felt.

Godwin was about to step on a rattlesnake when Todd jumped into action, coming between her and the reptile’s venomous bite, which landed on his face.

“He jumped right in front of my leg were I surely would have got bit,” Godwin wrote on Facebook. “This is what a hero looks like.”

Behind that little face holds so much courage and love for Paula, for sure!

Godwin told KTAR News 92.3 FM that immediately after the encounter, she rushed the pup to an animal hospital, where he received an anti-venom injection but still ended up with quite a swollen face.

But don’t be alarmed! Early Monday she posted on her Facebook that the courageous dog was “recovering so well” and thanked everyone for their concern and well-wishes.

The hugely popular Twitter account We Rate Dogs posted about Todd’s bravery and immediately, the story went viral.

People went crazy for the little dog:

Way to go, Todd!

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