College Grad Gets The Internet’s Approval Following Meetup With Estranged Mom

People on Twitter are giving props to a girl from the Philippines who took the high road when faced with the surprise of her life at one of her most important moments of a person’s life: when her estranged mother appeared at her ceremony after 11 years of up and leaving her with her father’s relatives with no explanation.

Dainty Peñas, 22, graduated from the Velez College in Cebu city, Philippines with a degree in Physical Therapy and posted about the encounter at her graduation day.


Peñas also wrote on her thread that she was the product of an early pregnancy; with her father and mother still students in college when they had her. She grew up with her father’s side of the family, and maintained contact with her mother, who was often away at work, until she was 11 years old, after which they never heard from her again.
She was left in the care of her three aunts (her ‘fairy god mothers’) and her paternal grandfather.

Like any person growing up, she wondered about her parents and understandably had resentment toward them; after all, no one likes being cut off suddenly by the person who is supposed to be there for you the most.
On the months leading up to her graduation, Peñas’ aunts would ask her on what she would do if her mom suddenly appeared in her life again.

“I’ve thought of this for quite some time. If she were to show up anytime, I would say “Why are you here? You’re not entitled to any of my success because you were never there my entire life.”

But recounting their encounter at the graduation ceremony, she wrote:

“I thought I would brush her off and shout at her. That was what I’ve always imagined I would do. But the exact opposite happened,” she wrote, and added that she hugged her mother and asked her if she had eaten that day.
Since her mother’s reappearance, things seem to be on the road to reconciliation (or civility at least!) after Peñas mother met with the people who took care of her and raised her.

“Maybe now was the right time to see her again. Because unlike the younger Dainty, i now know better and am now mature enough to understand that there are things that will always be beyond our control and just have faith that soon everything will unfold,” she said.

“I’m sure my mother has her reasons for leaving me but I’m more than willing to listen to her as to why she had to do so. Thank you Lord for giving me a heart that’s forgiving!”

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