Coco Austin Is Setting An Example To Normalize Breastfeeding

Coco Austin and Ice-T are every bit doting parents to their 2-year old little girl, Chanel, and most recently, the first time mom put up a photo that she hoped would ‘inspire and empower’ mothers everywhere.

Chanel sweetly clings to her mom after what looks like a post-breastfeeding session.

Coco right that she uses her platform to normalize an act that is nourishing and practical in raising a child; yet frowned upon when done in public, or for a myriad of other reasons.

She answers a fan that she breastfeeds Chanel ‘more out of comfort,’ and to be honest, you do what you need to do that you think will best aid and nourish your child.

While some people would gasp that she still breastfeeds a toddler, it’s important for mothers everywhere to remember that you know your child best, and if you can still produce milk, then why not? And don’t be afraid to whip it out in public either, after all, gawkers are not the ones who have to deal with a hungry child.

You go, Coco!

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