10 Clever Ways to Cheat on an Exam


Exams are necessary to check the development of students. It is a way to evaluate their learning. However, many students are not confident in their personal learning from a class. As a result, they end up cheating on exams.

Cheating is never endorsed in this article. There are many ways students devise their methodologies in cheating. Some are proven effective while others are traditional and have already been figured out by professors. But here are 10 of the most clever ways students perform the cheating process. Professors can now keep an eye out for any of these ways when they conduct their next exam.

The thigh is the limit



When you have a male professor, this can be useful because he’s not likely to check there.


Tiny thumb print



This is a true self-serving cheating tip simply because you are the only one who can read it. It is good for your Math exam especially when you are not a fan of memorizing various formulas.


Secret hiding place



Make sure that you are not in the front seat during the exam because you’ll be caught if you do. It’s a creative way but it does not give you everything, but at least your paper won’t be as clean as it is before the exam.


No ordinary plastic bottle



Water is essential for our body. That is why you need to drink it before taking an exam. But in this case, you drink so you can easily read what you have written on the bottle label.


Cheating chain



So far, this is the most common form of cheating. It only needs a resource person as the author. Of course, he must have studied the lessons very well so everybody will be happy. You don’t need to be surprised when all of you get the same score.


The magic pen



Remember this pen and please do not let any of your classmates borrow it. Everything you need is on there so it is safe to say that it is your life, at least, during the exam period.


Cup has the secret



Make sure that your writing is neat so it will be camouflaged as part of the packaging. Do not throw it away! To be sure, do not finish the drink before the exam ends.

Smartphones which make you smarter



Many professors are recently banning the use of smartphones during exams. The reason is obvious. Smartphones provide students with a very clear view of the answers. And, it can be easily passed to other students who also have smartphones.


Legs team up



If you can’t copy everything to your magic sheet, you can always ask for the assistance of your classmate. You can divide the topics and prepare your respective notes. It is also clever to paste your notes on your legs. It gives the impression that you are only looking at your own paper when you are actually looking at the notes.


This is what sleeves are for



There is no doubt that you will try to persevere the warm weather while wearing your favorite long sleeves. Of course, it’s examination day. Resourceful and innovative students are now maximizing the use of their sleeves. It is done by writing notes into the portion of their skin that is covered.

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