25 Benefits of Eating Chocolate that will Surprise you

Chocolate is a common treat among countries in the world. It is best served as a gift or a present in almost all kinds of occasions. It’s a sweet delicacy too.

We are all aware that moderation in whatever we eat is necessary; thus, too much can still not be good for you. Here are the 25 best reasons why you should eat chocolate from now on. Of course, knowing these will help ease your guilt as you enjoy your favorite treat.

There’s no surprise that the Swiss people are the top chocolate consumers and they’re one of the happiest and most satisfied people in the world.

Chocolate is a great source of energy


As little as one chocolate chip can give you enough energy to walk for 46 meters. So if you eat more, then you can do more without spending your energy reserves. Thus, eating chocolate help you accomplish more.

Chocolate cures hangovers


Phenylethylamine provides alertness and a sense of well-being. It is the reason why chocolate is known as a aphrodisiac and great mood elevator.

Dark chocolate improves your vision


Poor weather makes it hard for you to see the things around you. This isn’t good at all especially if you are driving. Dark chocolate helps a lot in seeing in low-contrast situations.

Chocolate helps you feel happy


Tryptophan, found in chocolate, helps create serotonin. The latter is a neurotransmitter in the brain which gives the feeling of happiness.

Eat chocolate before any mental activity


Before any mental activity, chocolate is a must in your routine. It helps improve blood supply in the brain by dilating its blood vessels. An abundant blood supply gives enough oxygen which is good for any mental activity.
Chocolate prevents pregnancy problems


Chocolates contain theobromine, a bitter alkaloid of the cacao plant which may reduce preeclampsia, a kind of pregnancy complication including high blood pressure.

Rich in antioxidants


Dark chocolate is especially rich in antioxidants like flavonoids. Risk of heart diseases is minimal when the body is rich with flavonoids.

Protection from sunburn


Another important function of flavonoids is to protect your skin from sunburn. You might wish to add dark chocolate to your favorites list after reading this.

No to artery clogging


Dark chocolate helps eliminate artery clogging. It helps restore the flexibility of the arteries. Furthermore, it prevents white blood cells from sticking to the walls of the blood vessels.

Provides maximum RDA for you


A 100g bar of dark chocolate, with 70%-85% cacao solids, provides much of your Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA). It contains 98% of RDA of Manganese, 67% of Iron, and 58% of Magnesium.

It’s a stress reliever


The Journal of Psychopharmacology reveals that people who consume more chocolate feel calmer than those who don’t. A calmer mind is a mind with less stress.

Lowers blood pressure


The vasodilator properties of chocolate reduces blood pressure. It helps widen the blood vessels for easier blood flow.

It makes you feel in love


Phenylethylamine is also attributed to the feeling of being in love. This is why dark chocolate is also known as an aphrodisiac or a “love drug.”

Improves cognitive function and verbal fluency


Elderly people may experience mental impairment due to aging, but dark chocolate helps improve cognitive functions. Communication is made better by improving verbal fluency.

Boosts immunity


Flavonoids have antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. As a result, it improves the immune system and helps reduce the incidents of common colds and other related illnesses.

Protects your teeth


Cocoa butter gives your teeth a thin protective film which impedes the growth of bacteria. This film is from the cocoa plant, the major ingredient of dark chocolate.

Prevents diabetes


Surprisingly, dark chocolate actually helps prevent or delay diabetes. Cocoa is known to improve insulin sensitivity.

Keeps weight off


Studies found those who consume more chocolate have lower BMI than those who do not. Researchers believe that it is because the calories in chocolate helps in facilitating a more active metabolism.

Good source of important vitamins


Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and E are just some of the important vitamins found in chocolate. It’s a trick to solve your vitamin deficiency in an amazingly simple way.

Say goodbye to your cough


Theobromine, an important component of chocolate, is observed to solve cough as well as codeine does. But chocolate tastes better than codeine and has no side effects to your body.

Lowers heart stroke


You are 17% less prone to heart stroke when you regularly take chocolate. It is attributed to a better blood flow, an effect caused by chocolate.

Increases hydration


Dark chocolate does well for your skin. It helps in keeping your skin hydrated. It’s a good source for healthy and glowing skin.

Makes infants smile often


Pregnant women who love chocolate are also doing it for the benefit of their babies. A Finnish study found that infants whose mothers are chocolate-lovers smile more often than those whose mothers are not. Thus, chocolates make happy mothers and infants too.

Prevents Alzheimer’s disease


A study from the Harvard University revealed that daily doses of chocolate helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly. Since chocolate helps the functions of the brain, the disease cannot penetrate a chocolate-lover. It is still better to start taking chocolate while you’re young.

Treats migraines


Say goodbye to your painful migraines by taking dark chocolate. These common treats contain certain compounds that is beneficial in the treatment of migraines. For now, make sure to add this sweet to your daily diet.

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