Titanic II: Bringing the Century-Old Experience back to the Modern Days

Have you wished to experience what it’s like to be on a Titanic journey? Are you brave enough to be a part of the Titanic II voyage? Well, start thinking about it now because the day is near and the Titanic will be with us soon.

The new vessel will cost about $300million. It will have 840 cabins and rooms for 2,435 passengers. About 900 crew members will also help passengers enjoy the journey.

Here is some of the other information you need to know about the Titanic II. You will love it, but will you book your ticket to board this iconic giant ship?

It is set to sail in 2018



The modern version of the original Titanic ship over a hundred years ago is set to sail in 2018. Jiangsu, China is its first departure place and Dubai, UAE as the destination in this iconic journey.

The iconic staircase



Titanic II features the iconic staircase of the original Titanic ship. It is located right in the middle of the ship. It will attract you to play on it like Leonardo and Kate did.

The famous indoor swimming pool


The very famous indoor swimming pool may not give you the exact comfort like the pools we have today. But that’s totally fine because the pool is intended to give you the exact experience like the one they had.

Dine like they did in the movie



Enjoy the full meal like it was in the old Titanic. The furniture, styles, arrangements are all designed like it was before.

Suits your budget



Titanic II may look too luxurious for any ordinary citizen just as it was in the movie. But this new one offers accommodations for first class, second class, and third class as well. So you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your budget if you truly wish to experience this great voyage. Titanic II will never fail any excited traveler.

Old style, modern equipment



The old fashioned style of the new ship enables every brave passenger to experience the life of a luxurious journey a century ago. But this must not discourage anyone because it does not follow that it has old style equipment. Modern-day technologies and resources are all used in this gigantic ship.

A total replica of the original



The ship cannot be called the Titanic II if it doesn’t look like the original ship in the early 1900s. The interior design is complete with the exact look of the sunken ship. Even the furniture and the designs are all patterned well. The journey is like staying in your own home while you are traversing the ocean. Your every need is best served here.

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