You Kinda Have To See This Hilarious Cat On A Wheel

Are you  cat-loving crazy lady? Just kidding, we don’t mean to perpetuate stereotypes here but if you do have a cat that’s starting to get just a little bit on the chubbier side, then have a look at the One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel.

It’s basically a giant hamster wheel but for our feline buddies, and especially intended for indoor cats so that they can get their dose of exercise. The creators claim that having this activity wheel helps indoor cats stave off boredom which can lead to psychological illnesses like cat depression.

So far, owners look like they’re loving it, but some cats might be a little more skeptical than others.


It’s also fairly easy to teach your cat how to use it: line up some bait on the wheel such as their favorite toy, kind of taunting them to chase it, and off your little kitty will go!

There are a wide variety of designs available on the website, as well as other products like the Cat Cube, a kind of kitty condo, which you can customize to “fit your cat’s personality.”

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